US Warns Kyiv There’s a Time Limit on Military Aid


Senior American officials have told the Washington Post that Ukraine has a diminishing window of opportunity to make territorial gains against Russia before military assistance from the US and its allies dwindles.

“We will continue to try to impress upon them that we can’t do anything and everything forever,” a senior member said, quoting Biden’s administration.

Biden has insisted he was with Ukraine for “as long as it takes” to defeat Russia. It seems that is no longer the case. Support among Republicans is dissipating in the House.

“‘As long as it takes’ pertains to the amount of conflict,” the unnamed official said. “It doesn’t pertain to the amount of assistance.”

Bill O’Reilly discussed the war in Ukraine briefly on his show this evening. He said people who say Russia is winning, “uh, uh, no.” He seems to have gotten that from Gen. Petraeus.

We hope he’s right, but why is Ukraine’s military pulling people off the street in forced conscription if that’s the case? Why are they grabbing 16-year-olds and handicapped people? This is what Hitler did at the end of the Second World War.

I fear for the Ukrainian people.

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