USA Is A Massive Trafficker of Children for Sex and Labor


James O’Keefe interviewed a border agent, and the information is horrifying. There is no better word to describe it. What brought the agent to tears is the trafficking of children.

He said the most troubling thing for him, and it’s more than troubling – it’s evil – is the trafficking of women and children. The agent further added that every agent knows what’s going on. As soon as these little girls [it’s boys and women also] are out of their control, they disappear, and you can’t find them after that. He said that’s not just wrong, that’s evil. “This is satanic, what’s going on.”

Under this administration, we traffick children for sex and labor in the United States. The children are drugged, so they can’t tell border agents what is going on.

Trafficked babies:

via Liberty Daily

We have illegals in our airports, our schools, our parks, on the streets, and African migrants collect cans to stay alive. Ther is nothing humane about that. Why aren’t you angry? Polling shows only 50% of Americans are concerned about this destruction of the USA.

Why Is Texas the Only State Fighting? Gilberto Hinojosa is quoted in this video as saying Republicans and Abbott have no morality and humanity as his party traffics women and children and destroys the nation by replacing the population.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Our USA is no longer a good or moral nation. It is a corrupt and immoral nation, which greatly contributes to world instability. China and Russia are and will step into the wake which our USA has created, they will assert economic and social leadership in the world.

Look at Alex Jones, a real man, step in front of the running vehicle. That is morality.

Look at Speaker Johnson back off on his pledge to fight for border security. That is immorality.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Prisoner