Useful Idiots Want to Bargain with the Devil, Chuck Schumer


Senator John McCain predicted the downfall of healthcare yesterday without a tinge of regret in his voice. He was on “Face the Nation” Sunday bashing Trump and talking down any chance of success on healthcare. About the Republican healthcare bill he said, “It’s probably going to be dead.”

Unbelievably, he is calling for Republicans to work with single-payer Schumer. Schumer wants far more welfare built into the bill.

Too often, McCain serves as the Democrats’ useful idiot. He’s not the only one.

McConnell has also threatened to work with Chuck Schumer and other leftist Democrats.

Wouldn’t it be better to just repeal the thing? It might force Democrats to cooperate. The Democrats are committing suicide and Republicans want to let them have their way on healthcare. It will set us up for a future of single-payer.

In fairness, there is a reason why healthcare reform is so difficult after 8 years of the Marxist president

Obama said we’d never be able to repeal Obamacare. The reason for that is he and his henchmen built in subsidies for more than half the nation. He also embedded the rules deep into the system. Then he bought off governors, including Republican governors, with subsidies for Medicaid.

Obamacare was built to fail and it can’t be fixed. It can be fixed temporarily.

If Republicans join with Chuck Schumer, it will mean more subsidies, eventually leading to mostly free healthcare for half the nation until the people paying out demand a change. The change will be single-payer.

A new Senate bill is coming out tomorrow but there are two opposing camps to deal with.

The liberal Republican contingent led by Collins and Murkowski are fueled by governors who don’t want their Medicaid handouts cut.

The conservative side doesn’t want another heavily subsidized big government healthcare bill. Republicans did campaign for 7 years on repeal.

Unfortunately, Obama put so many people on the dole, including states, that it might be impossible to do what conservatives and libertarians want.

Check out the graphic to see how many are on subsidized and unsustainable government care.

The Wall Street Journal lead article today began, “The focus on possible steps to take if Senate Republicans can’t unite around a health bill is the strongest sign yet of the growing pessimism … Some Republicans now say a vote to pass a bill could stretch beyond August, if there is a vote at all.”

The tax plan doesn’t happen unless Obamacare is settled.

Ex-Politico writer, Mike Allen of Axios writes:

Why it matters: This shows how much time we’re spending on a relatively small portion of the market. The ACA was supposed to fix the problems of the individual market, which really was dysfunctional for anyone with the slightest health problems. In doing so, it created other problems, including the rising premiums. But when you hear about those sky-high rate hikes because of “Obamacare,” chances are, they’re not your sky-high rate hikes — unless you happen to be in that market.

Yes, but: The spending limits that have been proposed for Medicaid really do matter, and they affect a larger group — 20 percent of the population. So every minute Washington spends on the smaller group is time that could have been spent talking about Medicaid changes that will affect more people.

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