USPS crisis is a fake conspiracy theory


The United States Postal Service is at the center of the mail-in voting controversy but they aren’t really the problem. By Democrats putting them in the middle, they’re simply distracting everyone and weaponizing the agency.

Mail-in voting is a chaotic process at best. It mustn’t be done. Too many states can’t do it honestly. We have the absentee ballot system for those who can’t get to the polls, but that’s a different system.

UPS and FedEx say mail-in balloting can’t be done logistically. The problem isn’t delivering the ballots, the post office can do that. The problem is the deadlines for ballot requests and processing that are very narrow in some states.

Mail-in voting is becoming about the post office when it isn’t their problem in general.

The USPS crisis is 100% bogus, meant to distract us. It’s a conspiracy theory.

President Trump just loaned the post office $10 billion and they’re set into next year. They’re not in trouble.

The post office union doesn’t want to pay the $10 billion back. They want it to become a direct appropriation. That’s entering into the latest Democrat catastrophe.

The post office traditionally takes away sorting machines because they’re handling more packages than envelopes. Some offices are closed and some new ones open — it’s very ordinary.

Democrats know nothing evil is going on, and they’re making it into a conspiracy.

The President can’t kill the post office in any case. It’s somewhat independent and Congress has say over that.

There is nothing to worry about if you’re worried.

That won’t stop the silly drama though.

This Saturday, Democrats will attack Postmaster General DeJoy and then it will end — hopefully.

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