USPS insider alleged he was ordered to back date ballots in MI — it’s illegal


Michigan law bans votes past 8 pm Election Day. A Michigan USPS insider testified that a shady postmark scheme to handstamp ‘November 3’ on late ballots was in play. He called on other postal workers to report anything shady.

The USPS Insider reported that late ballots were sorted to a special bin, then collected in Express Mailbags to be “hand-stamped” with bogus Nov. 3 postmark.

James O’Keefe said, “Like other Insiders, this man is witnessing a wrong so heinous, so toxic to our voter-based democracy, he found himself with ‘the choiceless choice.’”



The Insider said he was shocked when Barlow Branch morning supervisor Jonathan Clarke told a group of mail carriers how late ballots would be handled.

When James O’Keefe called the supervisor to get his reaction, he hung up the phone.

“Our Project Veritas Insider is taking an enormous risk to get out the truth,” said O’Keefe, who interviewed the Insider on a video teleconference call.

“Mail-in ballots are always a problem because there is no chain of custody between voter and the actual ballot box,” O’Keefe said.

The Insider said there was a process set up for the post office workers involved in the bogus postmark scheme.

“We were told to collect any ballots that we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, et cetera, for outgoing mail, at the end of the day, we are supposed to separate them from the standard letter mail, so they can hand-stamp them with yesterday’s date—and put them through the Express Mail system—to get wherever they need to go,” the Insider said.

“For clarification, today is the fourth of November,” he said.

Michigan and its 16 Electoral College votes are at the center of what was a tightly contested 2020 presidential election between President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The Insider said some of his colleagues at the post office were also upset by this order to fraudulently postmark ineligible ballots, but no one wanted to outwardly show their anger.

Throughout the day, the ballots were taken from the sorting bins and put into Express Mail bags, so they could be taken “to the plant,” the postal distribution facility nearby on Garfield Road, he said.

“My statement to other postal workers is that if they see anything shady is to report it—they can’t have any integrity in this country if they just let things slide,” he said.

O’Keefe said, “Like other Insiders, this man is witnessing a wrong so heinous, so toxic to our voter-based democracy, he found himself with ‘the choiceless choice.’”

O’Keefe reached out to Clarke by phone, but the supervisor would not respond to questions about the postmark scheme.

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3 years ago

Welcome to the communist state of Joe China Biden

3 years ago

I remember saying to my husband just before the election, would it be possible to postdate ballots. For what reason do they have this ability at all? There must be a way to identify the fake postmark and throw out theae ballots. This is a Third World election. Also, I think future ballot countera should be made to wear body cameras!