USWNET pull out a squeaker for the Bronze


The America haters of the US women’s soccer team won a Bronze medal against Australia in what was nearly a swan song. They beat Australia in a close 4-3 finish, although the media is claiming it was not as close as it looks. No, they’re wrong, it is that close.

They didn’t really represent the US, turning their back on the flag and the anthem, kneeling while it was played, getting Sweden to kneel, and appearing in Black Lives Matter uniforms while kneeling. They represent BLM, a violent, anti-American communist movement.

So, does their Bronze mean much? Only to the leftists in the US destroying our culture.

This is who deserves our respect: Tamyra Mensah-Stock who is thrilled to represent the USA and who is giving her earnings to her mother so she can buy a food truck. Watch a true Olympian:

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