Uvalde Killer Threatened to Rape and Kill, His Ex-Girlfriend Was “Scared for Her Life”


The ex-girlfriend of the Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos was “scared for her life” when he flew into “super violent” rages. A former coworker reveals he harassed her and other women online.

Keanna Baxter, 17, told San Antonio Express-News that her former friend dated Salvador Ramos and that his violent mood swings would leave her terrified.

“She told me that he was scary,” Baxter said. “Like he would get super violent. And when he would lose his temper, she would literally be scared for her life.”

“He dated my ex-friend. And then they broke up,” Baxter said. “And then he tried to date me after that, but I told him no. Because he always had this kind of eerie sense about him.”

“He would send her these really nasty messages, where he’d go from super sweet to screaming at her back to super sweet.”

Crystal Foutz, 17, a fellow classmate at Uvalde High School who worked with him at a Whataburger, also said Ramos was aggressive online towards women.

Both Baxter and Fouz called Ramos a “loner” with “no friends,” mirroring what his mother’s boyfriend Manuel Alvarez told DailyMail.com.

We were wondering how long it would take before we’d find out just how bad this killer’s behavior was.


Videos of Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos have surfaced as new reporting shows that the killer frequently made threats on social media, Yahoo reports.

Ramos told young women and girls that he was going to rape them while also showing off a rifle he purchased. On livestreams on the social media app Yubo, he threatened to shoot up schools, users who saw the threats in the last few weeks have said, CNN and The Washington Post reported.

Users said they didn’t take Ramos’ threats seriously because of the common occurrence of online trolling on the app.

Hannah, 18, from Ontario, Canada said she reported Ramos in April after he threatened to shoot up her school and rape and kill her and her mother during a livestream. She told CNN that Ramos returned to the platform after a temporary ban. She added that Ramos at one point angled his webcam to show a firearm on his bed.


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30 days ago

The signs were everywhere and people ignored them. AGAIN!

30 days ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Fake television signs?

30 days ago

There are no “school shootings”, this is all PROPAGANDA.
How do I know? STATISTICS.
Everything is revealed through STATISTICS, people.
How many people supposedly died in this supposed “school shooting”???
20? Something like that?
Here’s something to put this into PERSPECTIVE. Perspective REALLY helps.
251,000 people per year DIE in the united states because of MEDICAL ERROR.
That means 688 people PER DAY die as a direct result of actions taken by DOCTORS AND NURSES.
That means 34x as many people were killed by doctors on the SAME DAY as this supposed school shooting.
No outrage? No call to ban doctors?
Well then…
It must all be bs.
This has been “learning how to think and reason”, with letmepicyou.

Shemp Hawking
Shemp Hawking
1 month ago

I’d say his career peaked at Whataburger.

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 month ago

Social media (Fake Book) was to worried about flagging and banning parents who show up at school board meetings.

Shemp Hawking
Shemp Hawking
1 month ago
Reply to  Ronald Harms

Social Media is a nationwide dumpster full of self-absorbed morons, psychos, sexually frustrated idiots, bimbos who post photos of their cats and the food they’re about to eat, masturbating whackjobs, drama queens, and deluded libtards.

1 month ago

So, the shooter was angry with his mother and obviously had abandonment issues so he took it out on other women and the most innocent, children. Ultimately, he was a coward who is now in for the shock of his eternity experiencing the tortures of hell – that he probably thought did not exist.