VA Dems wreak more destruction, will give driver’s licenses to illegals


As part of the Democrat national effort to mainstream illegal immigration, Democrats are now preparing to pass a bill to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. It is an invitation for massive illegal immigration.

In the end, they will never be deported and they will mostly vote for Democrats, primarily to get the freebies or the lax crime enforcement.

Democrats are ruining Virginia.

The Virginians in the south should secede and join West Virginia.

The bill successfully made its way through Virginia’s Senate’s Finance and Appropriations Committee on Wednesday with 11 Democrats voting yes against 5 Republicans who voted no.

“This is probably the No. 1 issue in the Latino [illegal alien] community,” Sen. Scott Surovell, a socialist Democrat who was the chief sponsor of the bill, said. “The bill would basically allow about 300,000 people to obtain a driver’s license.”

When all these anonymous people pour in, many of whom will be dangerous, Virginians probably won’t have guns to defend themselves. Democrats don’t care about the people. They are the party of illegal aliens and they do it for votes only.

From WWBT in Richmond:

Senate Bill 34, introduced by Sen. Scott Surovell, D-Fairfax, would allow immigrants to obtain a driver’s license regardless of legal status. The applicant must prove they don’t have a social security or individual taxpayer identification number and submit a certified statement that their information is true. The bill had several amendments this legislative session.

House Bill 1211 introduced by Del. Kathy Tran, D-Fairfax, is an identical bill that also extends these rights to undocumented immigrants. Tran introduced a similar bill that died in subcommittee last year. If approved, the bills will go into effect Jan. 1, 2021.


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4 years ago

To write your VA lawmaker search ‘who is my virginia legislator’ and follow the directions to get clickable email links.

Here’s my email but use your own words and KEEP IT SHORT. Also BE NICE.


Dear Del. Hisname

Although it’s being spun as a public safety measure, HB 1211 to allow
illegal aliens to get Drivers Liceneses is simply about allowing
aliens of all sorts to vote.

Proof? The fact that both HB 1211 and the Senate companion, SB 34
remove the requirement for DMV to notify the Board of Elections when
issuing a license to a person without proof of citizenship.

The removal for the requirement for a Social Security or Taxpayer ID
Number is more of the same.

It would be interesting to try ammending these bills to require
non-citizen licenses to be printed on a distictive color paper —
light blue? That allows licensing “for public safety” but would make
voting impossible if there are a few honest poll watchers.

Either we care about our country and our state or we don’t. We cannot immediately solve the problem of having tens of millions of illegal aliens here but it would be auicidal to allow more of them to vote.



Your Name

Your Address

4 years ago

Virginia requires EITHER that you certify that you have adequate liability insurance (I forget the number) OR that you pay $500 into an uninsured motorists fund. They do check on the insurance — if you lie, they’ll catch you.

My guess is that most illegals will just keep on driving without licenses in most of the state.

4 years ago

You’re half-right, Charley but it’s the big half!

Governors are elected statewide. Turnout was 48% in 2017 when we elected Gov. Northam but his margin was (ballpark) 10%; we probably couldn’t have changed the outcome without help from the state’s Republican Committee which we didn’t have.

The General Assembly, though, is elected by districts and only a tiny handful — mostly in NOVA and around Richmond and V. Beach — are strong majority lefty. The pathetic 40% of registered voters turnout in 2019 when we elected the entire General Assembly gave the Dim Party 55:45 in the House of Delegates and a mere 21:19 in the Senate. Just common sense should have gotten enough conservatives to the voting booth to keep both houses.

We won’t do it again.

As for the needed resignations at the top of the state Republicans I haven’t heard a word.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
4 years ago

Are Democrats running Virginia stupid or what? Honest Virginians who are US citizens, legal immigrants or unexpired visa holders and who have Virginial driver’s licenses will join New York driver’s license holders who will lose certain travel perks issued by the TSA and in October will not be able to use their VA licenses for valid ID under the Real ID Act to enter a federal building, fly or use any other mass transportation that is monitored by the TSA. There is going to be an uprising and I would not want to be any Democrat politician in either of these states and that includes California. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to be a Democrat anything now.

Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey
4 years ago

They could pass out the confiscated guns to the lifetime democrat voter AKA replacements. With the ten round only “Clinton mags” of course.
The inbred “elites” didn’t like the way trad Americans were voting so they will import some new ones.