VA Looks to pass even more onerous anti-gun bills in the Fall


The NRA reported that “on April 10, Virginia Governor Blackface Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam signed five pieces of anti-gun legislation into law. Those measures criminalize the private sale of firearms, ration handgun sales to one a month, create a “red flag” gun confiscation scheme, punish property crime victims who fail to hastily report a firearm as stolen, and restrict how Virginia parents may store and introduce their children to firearms. On April 22, the right-to-carry was eroded and a state firearms preemption statute was enacted by the General Assembly.”

They didn’t yet ban common semi-automatics and their magazines, although Northam wanted them to do so.

Lori Haas of The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence said they are coming back with far more gun laws next session. She thinks taking away our Second Amendment is a big joke.

Haas told an interviewer of the podcast, ‘Transition, Virginia,’ “We’ll be back… a couple people joked with me [Secretary Moran] one of them, ‘Lori we’ve got seven bills what are we going to do next year?’ Oh I’ve got a big list for you secretary.” Haas will push to ban commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and their magazines was at the top of gun control advocates’ agenda, claiming that such items “have no place in civil society.” Haas also noted that her group is already working with legislators to pass a ban next year.

Moran claimed that commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms are not protected under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The secretary also approvingly pointed to Maryland’s ban on commonly-owned firearms.

Heller should protect people from that law, but who knows. Do we want to re-open Heller?

Haas also said that gun control advocates are working on measures to restrict both concealed and open carry, so-called “safe storage” legislation, and a bill to enact an onerous firearm permit to purchase regime.

She also wants to attack Virginia’s restoration of rights procedure, whereby former criminals who have paid their debt to society are able to regain their civil rights.

Criminals are in, lawful gun owners are not.

The only way to stop this is to get out and march on the Capitol. Fight for your rights with lawful protests, and then vote them out.



  1. Why it’s almost as if they fear the people that they are destined to rule over by the divine right of kings.
    Good. Let’s keep it that way.
    Look for flipped states to follow the Ralphie “Coonman” Northie model as part of the Great Leap Forward.
    Zimbabwe…yes we can!

  2. All veterans regular service members in all branches of the service,have given an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.Which tells me anyone shooting a politician trying to infringe on our constitution can be freely shoot or hung without prosecution of a crime ,but rather be hailed as a hero patriot for keeping the oath they where forced to take before becoming soldiers.

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