Vaccine passports are here, resist or obey, choose


The Wall Street Journal has a ‘helpful’ article about keeping your vaccine record on your phone so you will be allowed to go about normal activities like eating in a restaurant.

“Before you leave the house, don’t forget to take your phone, keys, wallet, mask—and some form of Covid-19 vaccine record,” the article beings.

Uh, no thanks. We better fight this battle now or we’ll be injecting all kinds of things into our bodies. It’s only your body if you want to kill your unborn baby moments from birth.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Republican Governors, specifically Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, to “get out of the way” and let unelected health officials pass new authoritarian Covid lockdown regulations.

The Biden White House doesn’t like DeSantis and Abbott because they stand up for freedom. They have banned vaccine and mask mandates while strongly encouraging vaccination.

The White House doesn’t seem to think Republicans have the right to object. They’re insulted by it. They think and act like totalitarians.

They want unelected bureaucrat leftists ruling over us, violating our rights.

This is tyranny.

The vaccine mandates are here. Vaccine passports are here. Joe Biden, in collaboration with Democrat cities and states and big corporations, is forcing through vaccine passports. Make no mistake about it.

They are dividing society into the vaccinated and unvaccinated – two classes of people. This has to be unconstitutional.

New York City will be the first city in the country to mandate a vaccine passport anytime someone wants to eat in a restaurant, go to the gym, or attend a concert or show.

The residents or visitors have to show their medical information.

People thinking this is in any way acceptable are suffering from mass delusion.

This is insanity.

Democrats will have us masked and locked down indefinitely without any consideration of the harm it causes.

The Defense Secretary just formally asked for Biden to give the Pentagon a waiver so they can mandate the vaccine in the military before the FDA even fully approves the vaccines.

This is an experimental vaccine without any long-term studies. I did get the vaccine because of my particular issues, but black people for instance don’t want it. Is de Blasio actually going to force black people to stick a drug in their body or ban them from going for a burger in the local McDonald’s?

It will eventually be every place we go – they will all demand a passport.

There are bills to stop this but realistically the authoritarian Democrats have all the control of the government.

We must resist this now.

Let the lawsuits begin:

If you live on Long Island, come to this rally:

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