Vaccines Have Not Reduced Excess Mortality At all


Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, writes that there is no evidence, none zero, nada, that the vaccine has saved any lives. However, there is evidence that people have died from or because of the vaccine.

The excess mortality data points to the fact that overall, the same number of people have died in 2020 and slightly more in 2021.

Statistician Matthew Crawford published a new analysis on his substack showing that the UK data demonstrates that the COVID vaccines aren’t saving any lives in total. It’s all noise.

An analysis by Peter Doshi, published in the British Medical Journal, points out:

The vaccine makers designed clinical trials that do not provide any data on all-cause mortality benefits. The clinical trials do not study viral transmission, viral load, or prevention of severe illness, hospitalization or death. Clearly, the vaccine makers did not have enough confidence in their ability to show that the experimental mRNA vaccines could save a single life. There isn’t a single clinical vaccine trial that detected a reduction in any serious outcomes. It was all fraud from the start.

Peter Doshi confirms:

“Hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 are simply too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30,000 people,” he adds. “The same is true regarding whether it can save lives or prevent transmission: the trials are not designed to find out.”

The Chief Medical Officer for Moderna, Tal Zaks, told the British Medical Journal that their clinical trials fail to address whether the vaccines prevent severe illness, hospitalizations or deaths. Instead, the trials simply compare random rates of mild illness and non-specific symptoms in a specific time period.

The Centers for Disease Control explains the importance of reviewing excess mortality.

“Estimates of excess deaths can provide information about the burden of mortality potentially related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including deaths that are directly or indirectly attributed to COVID-19.”

The fact that so many nations are heavily vaccinated suggests there should logically be fewer excess mortality rates.

The CDC’s website shows the excess mortality from 2018 to the present (the expected mean is based on 6 years of data, the CDC notes).  There appears to be no difference between 2020 and 2021.

In fact, it looks like the number of excess deaths will be higher in 2021 than in 2020. We already know that more people have died from COV under Biden’s watch than Donald Trump’s. But Biden is not being accused of murder as Donald Trump was.

In case you can’t read the chart, I added a separate screenshot.

The evidence from the CDC itself is that the vaccines have failed to lower excess mortality rates.

Starting from January 2021, there was a peak around the time of President Biden’s inauguration on January 20, followed by a decline in the weekly excess mortality figures. Then there was a second wave that came with the Delta variant.

The average weekly excess mortality rate expressed as a percentage in 2020: 15.65%. In 2021, that figure has been 16.31%. In other words, slightly higher.

All-cause excess mortality helps determine if people are dying from the impact of Covid response policies, such as increased suicide rates, missing vital health screenings, and other collateral damage.

New reports out of the United Kingdom indicate that the death rate is currently higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

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