VDH: Biden’s Not With Israel, But American People Are


Caroline Glick talked with Victor Davis Hanson about where the heart of America is in the Israel struggle. He said Biden is not with Israel, but the American people are.

Victor Davis Hanson does not believe Biden is with the Israeli nation but believes the American people are. The latest polls show 65% of Americans support Israel.

As Biden’s administration tries to keep Israel from fighting back, their patience might be wearing thin.

Caroline Glick thought that Victor Davis Hansen saw Biden as supportive of Israel. That is not what he thinks.

“I don’t think I said I was confident in the Biden administration,” Hanson said. “I was confident in the American people … Joe Biden, I feel, has been woefully unsupportive of Israel. There are indications that he either does not like Israel or doesn’t know what he’s doing and is influenced by people who don’t. [or Barack Obama doesn’t like Israel]

“… the American people are with Israel, and Joe Biden knows that, and that’s why he says things that seem supportive of Israel at times, and so does Blinken. I don’t think they are [supportive of Israel]. They only put their hand in the wind and fear where the next poll is going or that they are ideologically for – I don’t want to say for the killings – that would be libelous – but I think they’re indifferent to the effect it has on Israel.

“And I say that without rhetorical exaggeration so if you have Karine Jean Pierre, the spokeswoman, and someone asked her as they did the other day, ‘Are you worried about the anti-Semitism,’ and Jews make up half of all reported FBI hate crimes – 2% of the population are 50%. Muslims are about 15 down as far as the categories of people who are victims, and she says, ‘Well, yeah, but Islamophobia,’ and there are no documented widespread attacks on Muslims.

“In fact, Muslims are in the streets of New York and Washington … openly siding with these murderers and butchers. And then secondly, Anthony Blinken — I’m just giving anecdotes that give you a little window into their soul — when the false story came out about the hospitals, almost his first reaction was that he urged the Middle East American embassies to fly their flags out and then when Joe Biden was very shocked when Joe Biden was asked about the false narrative, he said, ‘Well, the old saying goes, ‘You gotta shoot straight.’

“If you just take a second to analyze that, what he was basically saying, ‘If Islamic Jihad had shot straight and killed Jewish citizens in Tel Aviv, then I wouldn’t have been snubbed at all these capitals, and there wouldn’t have been all this problem, and I wouldn’t have had to give an extra 100 million to Hamas.’

“And so you can see with that type of mentality, they find Israel an irritant.“

Israel has a problem. They rely on weapons America makes. The US has sent all of its emergency weapons to Ukraine. Iron Dome and other weapons are made in America.

While it seems like Biden is being helpful, he is not. They gave Hezbollah the go-ahead, but not to Israel.

Mr. Hanson explains that the American people are in the same bind as Israel. They can’t do much. The billionaire class and the college elite are very influential and anti-Israel.

Caroline Glick asked if she thought this was a big threat.

Hanson said, “Well, it’s a deep threat because it’s on the campuses, and they are the people who educate. They educate college students, and they train the school of education credentialed teachers…

“We have 50 million people who were not born in the United States. Residents and citizenship and residency are so blurred that people can vote even if they’re not citizens; in California, 27% of the resident population did not live in California. So, we have an enormous group of unassimilated aliens. We have eight million people coming in illegally through a completely disastrous open border by the intention of the Democratic Party.

“And that group now composes, I would call it the DEI group, 30% of the population, and what they did was absolutely brilliant.

“What the Palestinian refugees, the so-called refugees, first and second generation Hamas supporters, they glued a fascistic cause onto the DEI, and this Marxist binary of oppressors-oppressed, victimizers-victimize, so they said to blacks, Latinos, gays, trans, ‘We are victimized, just like you. We’re colonial subjects.’ And because of the ignorance of these groups and their lack of education in the universities, they bought into that, and that meant that they had complete sanctuary.

“They had a complete exemption from criticism because if you start to attack them now, they align themselves with the DEI shield. So, for example, if BLM has a glider poster glorifying somebody shooting Jews from the air or Professor Kendi says this, or we have a law, Raza group says that when you criticize them, you are criticizing people of color or victims of American oppression.

Mr. Hanson said, “Hamas represents … an incarnation of national socialist society [NAZIs], and the way that they kill Jews is no different than what happened in Ukraine and Lithuania in 1944 following the SS…”

They also discussed the right and left and support of Israel. Hanson said the Republican Party if 100% in support of Israel, and the unpopular President Biden is under pressure to support Israel. Hanson thinks Biden will be led by events since he probably doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Hamas are monsters, and Israel cannot live with them.

Hanson said at the end that Israel must stop the monsters. Hanson said that if Israel doesn’t go in and listen to the US government, they will be overtaken by Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.

Hamas acted in a pre-civilizational way and must be stopped.

That only takes you halfway through the video:

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