Vengeful Garland DoJ takes away Donald Trump’s right to privacy


The Biden Department of Justice has ruled that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has to provide Congress with former President Donald Trump’s tax records.

As has been the policy of this socialist Democrat Party, Donald Trump has no rights. He was denied due process and a fair hearing during the hoax impeachments and now he is denied his privacy.

The Justice Department’s Counsels under Merrick Garland stated that Congress has a “legitimate legislative purpose” to request former President Trump’s tax returns:

In assessing whether requested information could serve a legitimate legislative purpose, the Executive Branch must give due weight to Congress’s status as a co-equal branch of government. Like courts, therefore, Executive Branch officials must apply a presumption that Legislative Branch officials act in good faith and in furtherance of legitimate objectives.

When one of the congressional tax committees requests tax information pursuant to section 6103(f)(1), and has invoked facially valid reasons for its request, the Executive Branch should conclude that the request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose only in exceptional circumstances. The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has invoked sufficient reasons for requesting the former President’s tax information. Under section 6103(f)(1), Treasury must furnish the information to the Committee.

What they are doing is giving a co-equal branch power over another co-equal branch without cause. They are on a Beria-style fishing expedition.

The DoJ under Donald Trump allowed the former president his privacy. This is truly an invasion and it’s meant to pick at anything the Left can blow up into a scandal, fake or not.

Our Marxist House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi praised the decision, thanking Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Richie Neal (D-MA) for “delivering a victory for the rule of law.”

“As Speaker, on behalf of the House of Representatives, I applaud Chairman Neal for his dignified pursuit of the truth and the Biden Administration Department of Justice for its respect for the law,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Access to former President Trump’s tax returns is a matter of national security. The American people deserve to know the facts of his troubling conflicts of interest and undermining of our security and democracy as president.”


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