Western nations are sinking into tyranny, and check out Australia


Italy and France just mandated vaccine passports. The UK is about to mandate vaccine passports. Australia is in a CCP-style lockdown again. The EU is restricting the free movement of free people based on vaccination status.

The West is sliding into tyranny, says Emerald Robinson, a Newsmax reporter.

Australia Is Locking Down Over Minimal Deaths


The Australian government will deploy several hundred soldiers to Sydney to begin enforcing COVID-19 lockdowns Monday following a rise in delta variant infections.

The troops were requested by New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller on Thursday to assist in enforcing COVID-19 lockdowns, Fuller announced in a statement.

Since June, an outbreak of the delta variant has resulted in almost 3,000 infections, but only nine deaths, the BBC reported.

They even have helicopters flying overhead to keep people in their homes.

Only 13 people have died in Australia from COVID-19 since the start of 2021, according to data from the World Health Organization.

The lockdowns, which have already been in place for five weeks, are set to last until the end of August, according to the BBC. The troops are tasked with enforcing travel limits and ensuring people stick to their homes except for essential activities, according to the BBC.

Australians will only be able to freely travel overseas when the country is 80% vaccinated, prime minister Scott Morrison announced in a press conference Friday.

Currently, 17% of the country is vaccinated, according to the BBC.

Protests rage throughout Sydney.

Brisbane Locks Down

Australia’s Queensland state is following Sydney. Queensland has recorded six new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 a day prompting authorities to announce a snap three-day lockdown.

Six cases, just six!

They announced a lockdown for 11 local government areas after health authorities discovered six new cases of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

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