Very disturbing incident at Fordham University


An incident with a student at Fordham University as described by the Washington Examiner is very disturbing. A Fordham senior, who immigrated to this country from communist China as a child, was disciplined for violating the university’s regulations on bias and for threats and intimidation.

Fordham senior Austin Tong sent two Instagram posts. One was a picture of slain retired police Captain David Dorn with the caption, “Y’all a bunch of hypocrites,” referencing the Marxist BLM movement. The other image was Tong holding a legally-owned gun with the captain, “Don’t tread on me,” including a #Tiananmen Square Massacre. It was the 31st anniversary of the massacre.

Fordham is forcing him to write a letter of apology. Also, he will be banned from campus without university permission for his senior year. And he has to take an implicit bias course.

This is a Jesuit university. The last thing Catholics should be is communists. They are forcing him to apologize for doing nothing wrong and they’re forcing him into re-education. How is this different from communist China? Will we have gulags eventually?

You’ll remember Captain Dorn was murdered by looters who robbed his friend’s store. These are the images:

This is appalling.

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