Victor Davis Hanson Discusses the Loss of American Values with Tucker


The recent Wall Street Journal NORC survey considered American attitudes from 1999 to the present day. Patriotism, religion, having children, and community involvement have sunk to incredible lows. The values that made America what it is are disappearing, and the media played a major role over the years. The educational system, entertainment, and corrupt politicians also play a role. Then there is the massive immigration without assimilation.

Tucker discussed it with Victor Davis Hanson last night on his show.

Victor Davis Hanson discussed it on Tucker on Tuesday night.

“In 1998, 70 percent of Americans said patriotism was very important. That number is now under 60%, the same year more than 60% of Americans said that religion was very important to them, that number has plummeted to below 40,” Tucker began.

“The poll also showed critically, if you care about continuing the country, that the importance of having children had fallen off a Cliff as well, so these are fundamental attitudes. These are not your view on the next tax bill. These are your views on civilization itself, Tucker said.

Tucker asked Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, what he makes of these numbers.

“Well, the short-term drop off in 2019, where people express a lack of confidence in the economy or their futures or their children will be better, I think is more attributable to this trifecta,” Mr. Hanson said. “This disastrous last three years of the COVID lockdowns, … the George Floyd 120 days of rioting, and the Biden destruction of the economy, but your point is the longer trends.”

“And I think that reflects the fact that first of all, we have 50 million people and never had so many people that were not born in the United States, and we have failed to assimilate them and integrate them number one,” Hanson said.

“And then #2, all of our institutions are controlled by a bicoastal globalist elite who pounded into young people in academia and K through 12 that they’re quote UN quote citizens of the world that borders are not important. There’s nothing exceptional or singular about America. That’s the message that they’ve grown up with. They don’t know anything about Gettysburg or the Star Spangled Banner or Thomas Edison or any of that.”

He also addressed the political divide. One reflects traditional American values, and the Democrat Party is not the party of JFK or even Bill Clinton.

“This is a radical, leftist, utopian, global party that has told the youth of America that the affluence and the leisure that they take for granted just come out of nowhere. And they don’t have to reinvest in it or love the country or work hard or practice civic education and beautiful, you know, patriotism. They just think that’s their birthright, and so we have this weird disconnect of very affluent blessed leisure people having no idea where that came from or no appreciation or gratitude to the past generation who gave it to them. The only good thing I saw out of it was there was skepticism about biological males competing and hijacking women’s sports.

Mr. Hanson sees a form of hedonism as an underlying problem.

“They’re concentrating and dwelling on self. That is the message of the left that it’s you, you, you, you’re the victim, you’re the oppressor, and you don’t need to sacrifice for anybody else, especially the next generation.

“So that’s very disturbing because that’s what implodes the civilization when it commits collective suicide through demography ….”

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

Took the formation of the USA, some 700 years after Magna Charta to improve on that document, which was the US Constitution, and another 300 years to ‘deep six’ BOTH…joe and company were the final ‘dead weights’ needed…

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

VDH likes to preach, or console us by telling us what we already know. He never offers solutions. We are well past the discovery stage. He is just another establishment double talking RINO. After seeing him pontificate a few times, he becomes very boring and transparent.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Eventually once people are fed up that their votes are not counted and fed up that democrats rig every election, maybe they will know what to do…and will do it..

I will not say what, I don t want to be accused of inciting or encouraging anything.

ronald J kozlowski
ronald J kozlowski
1 month ago

If the tran day of revenge means any thing i don,t think we have long to wait. They are starting a battle that should be left alone. BUT they won,t.