Video of Dominion rep manipulating vote data?


Sidney Powell retweeted these clips which purport to show a Dominion representative at Gwinnett County Election Central, responsible for tabulating ballots and certifying results, download data to a USB from the Election Management Server, plug it into a laptop, manipulate the data, then palm the USB.

We can’t prove or disprove it and still believe that the cheating was in the mail-in balloting. However, we believe everyone has the right to look at these videos, do their own research, and come to their own conclusions.

So, here it is:

Then there is the testimony that foreign actors are involved to add to the potential fraud:

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3 years ago

All of the proof in the universe won’t matter because the Dems simply look America square in the face and tell us we’re not seeing what we’re seeing. The media helps them propagate the fraud, and the “authorities” cover for them instead of busting them. Where do we go from there? The DOJ is supposed to be the firewall against such eventualities–the lynchpin being the AG. But, sadly, Trump has allowed the Bloated Bagpiper to keep his job even as Barr continuously demonstrated that he’s of the Swamp and not of the American People. He should have been all over this blatant and widespread election fraud. Instead, he’s covering for them just like he covered for the corrupt FBI and the failed insurrectionists, therein, from the 2016 election. Since the FBI was never cleaned up, how can we expect them to help now?

marty lopez
marty lopez
3 years ago

Wharfinger denies me access to publish comments. Trump is counterfeit. He refuses to do what must be done to protect and defend the constitution as he vowed to do with his oath of office.

What is the President waiting for? The courts can’t & won’t save him. The best outcome possible is for the SCOTUS to declare the election invalid due to illegality & send it to Congress where the GOP will most certainly betray him & us & the republic, still again. A blind man can see that much. See the GOP state legislatures and officials, governors and secretaries of state.

The only course of action is an executive assumption of emergency powers under a declaration of national emergency, martial law due to an attempted coup by national and international actors .

Immediate confiscation of all Dominion voting systems & accompnaying software along with wide spread arrests & detention across the media & big tech industries, Wall Street & election officials. Take control of all network & cable broadcasting stations across the nation. Once control of the communication industry is consolidated the President can adress the nation. There are only two possible options.

1) Cede the republic to Biden/Sanders Democrats/Soros & alt left Progressives/Wall Street titans & Silicone Valley Big Tech Masters of the Universe/China supremacy/dominance. Or:

2) Take charge. Issue a national state of emergency due to an international plot & attempted coup to take over America.

The nation would prefer President Trump in a third world, general’s uniform with a mustache & a riding crop under his arm as opposed to Biden & the globalist cabal with their partner China. The President has the unconditional support of a very large majority of the American people, if he will only act, if he will only mobilize them. Rip this class of ruling elites right out of their offices for detention under suspicion of treason. Temporarily suspend all civil liberties under martial law. Seize control of all media outlets, network and cable broadcasting. Consolidate complete control over all communications and then address the nation.

I say again, there are only two possible options available. It’s either President Trump, or them. The people want Trump. Will the President man up, or will he allow them to steal the republic and his presidency? Why won’t he act? The people are desperate.

Rupert Trousers and the Pajama Boyz
Rupert Trousers and the Pajama Boyz
3 years ago

I’ve read articles about unattended or unguarded warehouses and people carting off with USB drives that never return.
A rural Georgia county (not Fulton-Atlanta-Metro) Dominion rep worked as the bitter Bindi Kama’s campaign ballwasher err I mean photographer.
This is downright embarrassing but I’m sure our external enemies are loving it.
Are they chanting in Iran? Clinking champagne glasses in Beijing? Enjoying some cake and ice cream in Pyongyang? A round of vodka in Moscow.
Any means justifies the end for the CCP/CPUSA axis of Evil.