Deputy Warden of J6 Prison is an Anti-Trump, White-Man Hater


Kathleen Landerkin is the Deputy Warden of the J6 prison, which is part of the Department of Corrections in the District of Columbia. She is an anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-white men radical who is accused of human rights abuses.

In her role, Landerkin has power over the J6 defendants, who are mostly white men and Trump supporters.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visited the prison and came back with stories of abuse, beatings, and mental torture of the J6 defendants.

Rep. Greene tweeted to Landerkin after her tweets became public. Landerkin has since deleted them, but, alas, the Internet is forever.

Twitter user, Alex Brusewitz, the CEO of XStrategies, conducted a Tweet search and came up with her extreme comments.

Mr. Landerkin has no business being in charge of a prison with these hateful views towards white men and Trump supporters given the conditions in the jail. They suggest her biases affect her handling of the prison.

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11 months ago

O’Sullivan’s law describes all of DC.

11 months ago

When we take back the Government, will the spineless Politicians find enough backbone to for ce the DOJ and FBI to investigate the Deep State Bureaucrat Bastards and put them in Jail were they belong?

Battling Bastards Of Bastogne
Battling Bastards Of Bastogne
11 months ago

Ilse of Buchenwald is so demented with the TDS.
Keep pushing and the we just want to be left alone hornet’s nest will bust open and ol’ Lefty will have something to really be in fear of.