Video of Police Rushing Into Louisville Bank to Save Others


During a news conference on Tuesday, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said mass killer Connor Sturgeon, who was responsible for opening fire at his Louisville workplacehad targeted specific individuals using an AR-15-style rifle. He purchased the gun legally the week before.

The Democrat mass shooter killed five executives at the bank. He appears to have targeted them after he found out he was fired.

Sturgeon live-streamed the killings, but the police Chief hopes she can get the video removed.


According to Gwinn-Villaroel, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon bought the rifle from a local dealership on April 4th. On Monday, Sturgeon used the weapon to live stream the attack on Instagram, killing five people and injuring eight others.

The chief also announced that body camera footage from the incident, which left a rookie officer critically injured with a gunshot wound to the head, was made public Tuesday.

The officer, who only just became a police officer, is stable and in critical condition.

The following is the body cam video of the police racing into the Old National Bank to save the lives of the people in the bank:

‘They won’t listen to words or protests, Let’s see if they hear this.’ Sturgeon posted on his Instagram account minutes before Monday morning’s blood-letting.

~ CSturg41


Murderer Connor Sturgeon, whose pronouns were he/him, had Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit accounts that have been taken down. According to The Daily Beast, the now-deleted Twitter account included “posts in support of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, as well as some criticism of police violence and of then-President Donald Trump,” alongside tweets about the NBA, sports, and messages between friends.

An account matching his Twitter and Instagram handle, csturg41, was suspended by Reddit after the shooting. Many posts, including the most recent, were about sports and video games.

Sturgeon as CSturg41 also posted political memes, mainly mocking conservatives, former President Donald Trump, and Fox News, on several subreddits, including “DankMemes,” “F***thealtright,” and “trollychromosome,” along with “Leopardsatemyface.” He posted a meme in July 2020 on the “f***thealtright” subreddit of a cartoon of a musclar figure responding to someone asking how he got his muscles by saying, “Every time Trump tweets some racist s*** …. I do one push up.”


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

The Uvalde police just stood outside and waited. There were no consequences for their cowardice.

7 months ago

Where were the Bank Guards? The best way to stop a Bad Personal hell bent on killing and destruction is a Good Person with a Gun. When Seconds Count, remember, the Police are minutes away. In almost all these cases we have a “Gun Free Zone” with the Law Abiding Citizens “illegally” stripped of their Constitutional Right to own and carry a gun. The Role of Police in society is not protection. Police, with the help of the DA and the Courts, are to maintain Law & Order. Protection is an unreasonable task to ask Police to attempt to accomplish. The Founding Fathers knew that Government could not protect The People. When you remove Law & Order, i.e. be soft on crime, you will have more crime.

If the Bank had adequate trained Guards on Station or there were armed citizens in the Bank, would there be Five Dead Bank Executives? If the Bank Executives were armed, would there be Five Dead Bank Executives? I submit the answer is “No”!

If we didn’t have a Government destroying the US Economy and well establish norms of Society, would we have crazy people coming out of the wood work? The answer to that is definitely a “Resounding NO”!

What we have is a Government setting the Stage for Mayhem and using that to con people into giving up a fundamental GOD Given Right to Personal Protection. This is because the Government wants to take ALL your rights away and the 2nd Amendment is in the way.

John Vieira
John Vieira
7 months ago

Do not seek enlightenment in the corrupted MSM