Villanova Prof Bracey admits Marxism is the core of Critical Race Theory


BREAKING: Villanova Professor encourages the adoption of Critical Race Theory due to its roots in Marxism.

Recently, a zoom call captured a teacher in Portland telling colleagues that if they don’t go along with Critical Race Theory, they won’t survive. Katherine Watkins said that teachers who are not actively teaching anti-racism are “abusing children.”

“So if you’re being resistant, I understand that. But, you’re going to have to eventually come to the light. Because if you’re going to keep up those old views of colonialism, it’s going to lead to being fired,” Watkins declared. “Because you’re going to be doing damage to our children, trauma. As we fire the teachers who sexually abuse our children, we will be firing the teachers who do racist things to our children and traumatize them,” she said.

This Marxist ideology is infiltrating schools at all levels throughout the nation. The leftists don’t even hide what they are doing since they are so confident they are now unstoppable.

Listen to this Professor at Villanova, a Catholic university, openly promoting Karl Marx with gibberish in the clip below.

Professor Bracey tells his colleagues, “The Marxist foundation of Critical Race Theory is at base a spiritual concern. If you read Marx you know he was concerned with alienation. Specifically, alienation of the species being. That element of humanity that provide creativity that is unique to the individual and defines us from animals,” Glenn Bracey told a zoom audience of educators as he promoted Critical Race theory.

He is in a Catholic University trying to replace Christianity with Marxist ideology.

During the spiel, he admits Critical Race Theory has Marxism (communism) at its core:

Professor Glenn Bracey said, “So the core question for Critical Race Theory is one of releasing people, people of color, especially Black people from the oppressive systems that deny us access to our species being… including racism. It’s Marxism, Critical Race Theory’s Marxism is fundamentally a spiritual concern.”

Race is used as an excuse to burn down every system we have.


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