Violence explodes in blue cities, homicides up 24% in 50 largest cities


The NY Times reported Monday that changes are taking place after the death of George Floyd. They are pleased that chokeholds cannot be used and say 62 out of 100 largest cities now have such policies in place. They also promoted Campaign Zero, which is calling for the abolishment of the police.

The Times reported, “Several outside studies have suggested that those eight policies are likely to be effective in reducing police violence — without increasing crime.”

The police are already defunded throughout the nation.

According to a report prepared by the Police Executive Research Forum, nearly half of the law enforcement agencies that they surveyed “are reporting that funding has already been slashed or is expected to be reduced.


The Times reporting is fanciful when compared to reality.

A Wall Street Journal analysis of crime statistics among the nation’s 50 largest cities found that reported homicides were up 24% so far this year, to 3,612. Shootings and gun violence also rose, even though many other violent crimes such as robbery fell.

New York City has already surpassed the shootings from the entire year of 2019.

Blue cities are becoming a mess.

They blame COVID and the recession in part. But the truth is, murders are going up because the police are neutralized. Gangs/other criminals are taking advantage of an opportunity. It’s not a mystery.

Portland police recorded the highest number of death investigations in a single month in more than three decades.

Never before have we seen such a dramatic spike in crime in such a short period of time, according to Fox News.

A host of blue cities saw spikes in shootings and murders, according to public data. “I think it’s just a perfect storm of distress in America,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said in July.

She’s dreaming if she thinks it has nothing or little to do with her castrating her police department.

In her city, the police department reported a 240 percent increase in murders (from 5 to 17) when comparing a four-week period ending in July 2019 to the same timeframe this year.

New York City, meanwhile, saw a 277 percent increase in shootings (from 13 to 49) when observing the year-over-year change for one week in July.

Residents in Minneapolis have created patrol groups to protect themselves after the city’s crime spike, and shootings in Atlanta rose 265% compared to last year during an almost month-long period. Seattle’s “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) led to a 525% increase in crime, including the death of two teenagers.


Nearly half of 258 agencies surveyed this month are reporting that funding has already been slashed or is expected to be reduced, according to a report slated for release this week by the Police Executive Research Forum, a non-partisan research organization.

Much of the funding is being pulled from equipment, hiring, and training accounts, even as a number of cities also are tracking abrupt spikes in violent crime, the report concluded.

And in most cases, we are not talking about small cuts.  Police funding in Los Angeles has been reduced by 150 million dollars, and police funding in New York has been slashed by a total of one billion dollars.



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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

So now these do nothing democrats want to dole out billions of dollars to these inept incompetent Mayors and Governors of these blur cities and states, where they appeased these Marxist thugs and allowed them to burn and loot. America had better WTF up.