Violence is increasing so Philly suggests people turn in their guns — really


ABC News promoted a ‘wonderful’ new program in Philadelphia to decrease gun violence [not gang violence due to lax law enforcment] by encouraging law-abiding citizens to turn in their guns. They see an increase in shootings so they want people to turn in their guns. We are reasonably sure criminals won’t turn in any guns.

The Police have a useless program to turn in guns, while the district attorney refuses to prosecute a lot of crimes.

“It must be stressed that community members who submit firearms will not be asked to produce identification. In addition, the submission of a firearm will not trigger an investigation of the person who relinquished it,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said.

These people are mad.


Here is a sample of the responses:

Again how stupid is this…..going after law abiding citizens these are @TheDemocrats

For real? Democrat policies on crime and law-enforcement are making the words, “can’t have too many guns or too much ammunition” a part regular dinner table conversation. How about #LockUpCriminals

Oh perfect solution… . It’s less safe, so get rid of the one thing that will protect you! . #Genius

NO, thanks.

I remember when wearing a seat belt was just a suggestion…

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