Violent BLM riots near Minneapolis as Chauvin gets his ‘fair trial’


Minneapolis has begun to riot again as Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney prepares to take up his defense in the death of George Floyd. While this violence is not directly related to his case, it is indirectly related. It won’t be a surprise if the defense team asks for a mistrial and change of venue. The judge won’t likely acquiesce.

The latest Black Lives Matter violence near Minneapolis was sparked by the police shooting of Daunte Wright, a suspected gang member. He was wanted on a warrant when he attempted to flee by car. He was shot and drove a distance before crashing. 

His Facebook page is filled with him flashing gang signs, using drugs, and showing off cash.

BLM has a lot of criminal members.

Wright’s mother and Black Lives Matter activists made the unsubstantiated claim that he was killed by police over air fresheners.

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