Violent clash in WA between Antifa and Open Up protesters


A Back the Blue/Open Up protest march in Olympia, Washington on Saturday turned violent when Antifa Black Bloc communists showed up.

The black bloc anarchists decided to hold a counter-event titled “Squash Fascists.”

The two groups baited each other throughout the day, as seen in footage from photojournalist Independent Media PDX. The black bloc members burned American flags and the “Back the Blue” supporters retaliated by burning a black umbrella, which many Antifa members carry to conceal their identities.

Antifa communists were the original instigators. One right-wing marcher shot and grazed an Antifa. He was arrested.

At one point, a violent fight broke out between the two groups. Individuals dressed in all black lost to the people carrying the American and Trump flag poles.


The Olympia Police Department said the groups “have largely dispersed.” The department said, “An arrest was made for two counts of felony assault. An additional charge may be referred for reckless endangerment as well.”

“We did make an arrest for a subject that appeared to fire at least one round from a handgun into the opposing crowd,” the police tweeted. “Any witnesses to that crime should contact @OlyPD through the 911 system.”

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