Staten Island ‘Autonomous Zone’ Bar Owner Arrested


The co-owner of a Staten Island bar has been serving customers in violation of Draconian COVID-19 restrictions. He was arrested, for the second time, late Saturday for allegedly ramming his car into a Sheriff’s deputy. Some say the deputy was trying to hold onto his car.

At the time, he was running to escape, jumped in his car, gassed it, and drove 100 feet with the deputy on his hood.

Danny Presti, co-owner of Mac’s Public House, was being held early Sunday at the borough’s 122nd Precinct, police said. Charges are pending. The deputy was taken to the hospital.

The deputy’s condition is unknown early Sunday.

The incident happened shortly after Mac’s closed for the night at 10 p.m. on Saturday, the source said.


He offered drinks for free with food and asked for donations to get around COV rules. Mr. Presti has lost everything due to the Draconian lockdowns.

Bars don’t have a takeout business, and outdoors can’t work in New York during this time of year.

The Sheriffs set up a sting twice to catch Mr. Presti, who is trying to survive. If only they were this conscientious with the violent criminals and rioters. Nothing at all happens to them.

They wanted to make a criminal out of this small business owner whose business is bring ruined, and he obliged.

The Staten Island bar was the site of protests last week after the sheriff’s office said plainclothes officers were able to go inside and order food and beverages on Tuesday. Presti was arrested at the time.

The communists running New York are destroying us.

The tavern is in an area designated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo as an orange zone because of spiking COVID-19 rates [mostly due to testing, but not entirely] and was not supposed to be serving customers indoors. But the owners had declared the bar an “autonomous zone.” The lunatic left declared various areas, especially town hall, autonomous zones, and no matter what they did, nothing happened to them. They’re burning things down, looting, putting graffiti on buildings, and nothing happens to them.

In LA, Mayor Garcetti is even worse. He destroyed this woman’s business but allowed a movie studio to open their own dining 50 feet from her shuttered bar and grill.

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