Violent communists are indoctrinating kindergarten children in city schools


Radio personality and author in Seattle, Jason Rantz, discusses on his website, My Northwest, several of the lessons currently being taught in Seattle Public Schools for Black History month. The children are taught to hate cops, among other terrible things.

Black Lives Matter lessons are always anti-police. The violent communist movement wants to defund all law enforcement completely.

Educators are told that no matter their student’s age, “they’re not too young to talk about race.” In fact, “silence about race reinforces racism.” They’re even warned that “treating everyone the same may be unintentionally oppressive.”

The lesson plans have kindergartners “experience discrimination.” It indoctrinates elementary and middle schoolers into believing that Black people are “systematically and intentionally targeted for demise” in this country. They even learn to blame and distrust the police.

The lessons run from February 1 through February 5th, and these lessons are sure to cause some mental disturbances in some children.

The intent of the week is to “affirm the demands of the Black Lives Matter at School Movement.”

The lessons allegedly teach empathy and respect, but they really teach the hard-left agenda.


The elementary lessons on “The Day of Demands, including Restorative Justice, Empathy, Loving Engagement” introduces students to many radical views. Here are some:

  • “Black Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.”
  • Any incarceration of Black people “is an act of state violence.”
  • “Black queer and trans folks bearing a unique burden in a hetero-patriarchal society that disposes of us like garbage and simultaneously fetishizes us and profits off of us is state violence.”
  • Illegal immigrants are “relegated to the shadows is state violence.”

Then students get a viciously anti-police curriculum.

For example, students learn that “unarmed Black people were killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015.” It’s untrue.

The source is Mapping Police Violence, an activist website by radical DeRay McKesson and others.

Students don’t see the circumstances of the deaths. Consequently, they’ll learn to blame the police. Indeed, they’re told departments fail “to require officers to de-escalate situations, where possible,” and they don’t “require officers to exhaust all other reasonable means before resorting to deadly force.”

The lessons even compare police of 2020 during the BLM protests and riots to officers unleashing dogs on innocent Black men in the 1960s.

You can read the rest on the link.


Milwaukee Public Schools spent almost a half-million dollars to fund the anti-white, anti-police hate group, Black Lives Matter.

Newstalk1130 reported that public schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, planned to spend over $471,000 to further the group’s agenda supported by Barack Obama and funded by Socialist/Communist George Soros.

They are going to create a “cultural studies curriculum” and improve school performance through the “facilitation of meaningful dialogue and support on issues surrounding race and trauma faced in communities and schools.” MPS officials told WISN radio.

We don’t know how they made out, but it could explain some of the violence.


Black Lives Matter curricula were endorsed by the hard-left National Education Association, the nation’s largest teacher’s union. The national organization Black Lives Matter at School (BLMS) seeks to foment a “new uprising for racial justice” by injecting their guiding principles into schools.

The Curricula Is Evil

The BLM co-founder who signed the general goals is Opal Tometi, a communist with ties to Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s dictator. If you look at the so-called elite who endorsed it, they’re far-left. The endorsers include domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. The BLM is anti-capitalism.

A document was written by BLM activist Laleña Garcia, a self-described “queer kindergarten teacher,” provides a glimpse of what they plan to teach.

Titled “How to talk to young children about the Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles,” the document encourages educators to “consider age-appropriate language” as they indoctrinate students with a cultural Marxist ideology such as “intersectionality” and “transgenderism.”

Many of the terms included in the document are pulled from Black Lives Matter’s 13 guiding principles. The principles include Globalism. They define it as “our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the Black global family that exists across the world in different regions.”

They are also opposed to the traditional family.

It’s no surprise that an organization funded by uber-globalist George Soros teaches kids that globalism is a big beautiful way of everybody living together as one family⁠. The truth is it’s neo-communism and one-world government.

This curriculum is taught in New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere.

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3 years ago

Wait…treating people the same is oppression? My Lord…please America…remove your kids from public school at all costs!

King of The Jungle by Eddie C Campbell
King of The Jungle by Eddie C Campbell
3 years ago

A quick review of a history book will reveal that utopia is not on the menu.
Russia had 70 years to build the golden paradise and it didn’t work out because it was never meant to.
Marx the Satanist just wanted destruction and the elevation of obscene grotesqueries as a mockery of all that is good.
The police deal with the people that the rest of society can’t handle.
Clueless commie cretins won’t last five minutes when law of the jungle time arrives.

3 years ago

If your site doesn’t post comments or censors, why should any credible person pay you any attention?

3 years ago

Anybody living in a country that has a 100% Corrupt, NWO-Cabal-Controlled, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State Government should hate cops, because cops in this type of governmental tyrannical setting are enemies to humanity. In fact the people should be organized and up in arms to eradicate said cabal-controlled-governmental-system.