WaPo’s hard-hitting journalism about the daily life of dogs


As the country goes to pot, The Washington Post wastes valuable space on an article about who pours the kibble and the daily life of dogs in the Whtie House.

The journalists have no intention of talking about real issues. Here are the opening paragraphs:

After a four-year vacancy, the position of DOTUS was filled this week by Major and Champ Biden. When the two German shepherds entered the White House, they brought a great opportunity to dig into the day-to-day doggie logistics in one of the busiest and most powerful households in the world.

For instance, who fills the water dish, rubs the bellies, and scoops the poop? Can the pups just pop into the Oval Office? And what if one ruins a rug or bites an ambassador?

Here are the answers along with a peek into the lives of first dogs. wastes space on who pours the kibble and the daily life of dogs in the White House.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has become a dictator and signed over 40 executive orders and actions. Some of these actions/orders substantively transform the United States. You can read about them on this link.

Coincidentally, one of our readers sent this funny clip with a dog in it. It’s more entertaining than the article. I don’t know where it came from, but a little levity is always good:



  1. I remember Buddy, Bill & Hillary’s token dog and how he mysteriously got out, hit by a car and died after Bill left office. I’m not making accusations but the prop dog wasn’t needed for a show anymore and now they would have to pay for his care themselves. Just my suspicious nature when it comes to Democrat phonies.

  2. Alexa why is comrade kommissar Bezos so clueless?
    Alexa is the ex-wife laughing while jumping around in piles of money?
    Alexa is there any use besides bird cage lining for the Washington Compost?

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