Virginia Faces a Maoist Cultural Revolution Under McAuliffe


The next potential governor, Terry McAuliffe, who failed the first time as governor, wants to make the Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum a permanent part of every class, even in elementary school. The leftists in Virginia are all in on this. In Loudoun County, they will require parents to sign a non-disclosure agreement to LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE TEACHING THEIR CHILDREN!

CRT is both anti-American and racist, as we’ve proven throughout these pages with information from Christopher Rufo and others.

McAuliffe recently said parents should not have a say in what their children are taught. That goes against every principle we have as Americans.

The Clinton apparatchik is promoting Marxism — diversity and inclusion — which is a big part of CRT — in the elementary schools. That’s indoctrination, not instruction. Parents should be teaching the kinds of things this Marxist wants schools to teach.

CRT is Marxist garbage.

This is getting insane and people need to take back their schools. Loudoun County Public School officials (LCPS), where even a child’s brutal rape doesn’t matter, demand parents sign a non-disclosure-type agreement to look at even part of the curriculum. And then, only select, eligible parents can see it. After that, they can’t share when they learned with anyone. The Daily Caller picked this up.

The curriculum they are forcing through is critical race theory (CRT) and the 1619 Project, which they cleverly call by another name.

One Virginia parent who escaped China’s cultural revolution said the US is looking like it’s going through the same thing with CRT.

The district is pushing an anti-American equity agenda that is both racist and hateful.

The district uses the Second Step Program which is from an non-profit leftist group called Committee for Children. They want ‘eligible parents’ to sign the document.

Curriculum presentations can only be given in person and parents cannot broadcast, download, photograph, or record “in any manner whatsoever.”

“I understand that the Authorized Presentation of Second Step Materials I am about to view is not a public event, and that copying, broadcast or recording of any kind is not permitted,” the form reads. “I agree to comply with the terms of the above Special License.”

What they do share on their website in the way of curriculum focuses on feelings, social, emotional, spiritual development, period. Learning the subjects takes a back seat. Forget merit as part of this curriculum. The copyright policy or non-disclosure agreement can be examined here.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
8 months ago

You reap what you sow, wake up Va.

Ernest Borgnine's Cab
Ernest Borgnine's Cab
8 months ago

OT-Quick perusal of aggregator headlines-woke goes bedtime with books ‘Antiracist Daddy’ (who is the bay bay’s daddy and is that racist?) ‘Daddy and Dada (who’s your daddy?), A is for Activist but Snake still says I’m an Ahole. (a love of all things protagonist and anti-hero).

8 months ago

We don’t need to defund police, We need to defund the Federal Government down to pre-1900 levels of 4% of GDP. The only way people like Terry McAuliffe get into Government is when big government can tax producers and buy the votes of the consumer class. You know the people with History and Political Science Degrees instead of Engineering and Business Management Degrees. Terry McAuliffe has a rather vague history where he was a favorite or both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, which was probably due to his father’s political connections. This explains why Terry McAuliffe is a lawyer and such a Big Government Guy. Contrast that to Glenn Youngkin who is both an Engineering and Management Major and later got his MBA from Harvard. Being a Governor is about Management and managers generally look to operate efficiently and at the least amout of cost. That’s not exactly a big government / high taxes trait.

Watson Elementary
Watson Elementary
8 months ago

I miss Animal Farm and the lovely Mrs. C from elementary.
Fundamentally Destroyed and it wasn’t that Long of a March once they got the snout under the EDU tent.
Funny how all the evil racist America indoctrination started soon after gov got involved with education.
Education is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy and grunts along with emojis are the future for evolved enlightened utopian paradise building beings as we are connected to muh internet of things in order to keep us safe and free from all risk.
Risk is a construct of the white male patriarchy and vee vill keep you safe!