Virginia Passes Four Gun Bills in One Day


Sic Semper Tyrannis, There Will Always Be Tyrants

~ Virginia’s motto

Four gun-control bills flew out of the Senate panel in Virginia yesterday to include the Red flag law, background checks which we have had for decades, one gun-a-month sale law, and the right of localities to ban or not ban firearms at certain events. One of the fascists going for the guns is Joe Morrissey, who was convicted and served time for having sex with a minor.

There are many more to come.

Virginia, the home of the NRA, is ground zero for abolishing America’s Second Amendment rights. What goes on there must be closely watched. It is a state in the hands of elected officials who are communists, socialists, and fascists.

They find legal gun owners bad and criminals are part of their voting bloc.


According to law enforcement today, Virginia, massive numbers of police officers, veterans, and other residents are adamantly opposed to the state’s sweeping gun control legislation.

This same state, that allows sanctuary cities and a county for illegal aliens, many of whom are gang members, will not allow sanctuaries for guns. They are planning mass arrests, and are threatening to use the National Guard to arrest once legal gun owners.

If you ever wondered whether Democrats want your Second Amendment rights abolished, like so many communists and socialists in the world, wonder no more.

Four new gun bills have passed in one day under Governor Blackface’s rule. The bills now headed for the full Senate would require background checks on all firearms purchases, allow law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others and just about anyone can make the report, let localities ban weapons from certain events and government buildings, and cap handgun purchases at one per month.

HB 961

One law that Democrats in the Virginia legislature have already put forward, among a number of similar bills, is Delegate Mark Levine’s (D) HB 961.

Levine’s bill bans “assault weapons,” “high-capacity” magazines, certain triggers, and suppressors, among other things. The bill puts forward a means by which “assault weapon” owners can apply for a license to retain their gun, but the trade-off is that their names are entered into a database.

In other words, it’s a gun registry set up for future confiscations. The law is also so vague as to include almost any gun the government decides to include.

Owners of “high-capacity” magazines, certain triggers, and suppressors, will have a grace period to get rid of the accessories/devices, after which they will face felony charges for possessing them.

The NRA warned the first few weeks of the year were vital in stopping a rush by Democrats to destroy gun rights in a state that has long enjoyed them:

The first hearing of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee is January 13th, where lawmakers could hear the first slate of bills to restrict our freedom into oblivion. It’s critical that law-abiding gun owners are heard on this day, because waiting even one week to make our voices heard, whether individually or at an organized event, will simply be too late.  

Anti-gun zealot Gov. Northam wants the entire package of gun control bills fast-tracked for passage in the first week of the short session.  We must defend freedom at the very first hearing on the 13th and show the new bought and paid for the anti-gun majority that our rights are not for sale – to Bloomberg or anyone else.

The government officials allowed all the anti-gun activists clad in t-shirts announcing their position to enter the hearing rooms ahead of everyone else.

The reference to Bloomberg is because he poured millions into the state’s elections to get gun grabbers into office. He wants to be President, you know.

The Gun Sanctuaries

In response to the raft of gun control legislation, Democrats are preparing, most jurisdictions in the state have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” meaning local officials will not assist state authorities in enforcing new gun ordinances they believe are unconstitutional.

Democrats don’t like that, of course, and the state Attorney General, Mark Herring, has declared such sanctuaries to be, ‘null and void.’ But, of course, he hasn’t taken a similar stand against the state’s sanctuaries for illegal aliens. So, the gun rights activists aren’t paying much attention to his hypocrisy.

There’s a showdown coming in Virginia over gun rights.

Blackface And His Colleagues Don’t Give a Damn

Virginia ‘Lords’ want the “peasants” to know they don’t give a damn.

In a four-page opinion, Virginia Attorney General  Mark Herring stated that localities who have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries (and there are a lot) have “no legal effect.”  He went on to say:

“When the General Assembly passes new gun safety laws, they will be enforced, and they will be followed. These [Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions have no legal force, and they’re just part of an effort by the gun lobby to stoke fear.”

In essence, Democrats are attempting to pass gun control laws that would strip the state of their second amendment rights to bear arms.  And patriots are preparing to fight back, law enforcement today, Virginia reports.

They have formed legal militias to protect against a lawless government.

Blackface Northam Doesn’t Like Free Speech

Blackface’s minions in the legislature have also threatened the free speech of law enforcement today. They claim their articles are equivalent to “yelling fire in a crowded movie theater.”

“The First Amendment gives journalists no special rights,” says national security lawyer Elizabeth Goitein. “In prohibiting abridgments of ‘the freedom of speech, or of the press,’ it gives equal protection to those who speak, those who write, those who report, and those who publish.”

They won’t shut up, sorry.

Look to California and New York Where Republicans Have No Voice

They are arrogant elitists who will rule over the people instead of serving them, completely redefining the relationship between the people and the government. If you don’t believe that, you should know that it has already happened in Democrat-run states like New York and California.

The officials do whatever they want.

In several states, Americans – legal gun owners – have already lost the right to self-defense with a gun. In New York, where I live, I can only use my handgun at a shooting range.

Meanwhile, criminals, even those guilty of gun crimes, are released onto our streets without bail. On Long Island, in one week, officials were forced to release over 300 prisoners, including 61 serious gang members, onto our streets without bail.

In New York City, one bank robber was able to rob five banks in two weeks.

Desperate judges, the ones who aren’t far-left, are now putting criminals in mental facilities since it’s the only option communists Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have left them.

Do not doubt that the officials releasing criminals and robbing non-criminals of a major means of self-defense have ulterior motives. Ultimately, they plan to have total control of the populace.

They care nothing about Americans’ rights.


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Ron Liebermann
Ron Liebermann
4 years ago

This is just another example of how urban politicians take advantage of rural areas. In Louisville, Ky millions of people who live in Jefferson County have to pay for “urban development” in downtown Louisville. Everybody knows that a lot of this money is stolen and misdirected, but nobody can do anything about it. The city of Louisville metropolitan government steals from the county, and then gives the money to black voters in the city. So the black people get awesome Section 8 housing, and a bunch of other benefits. And the rest of the county gets nothing. It’s robbery in broad daylight. And since metropolitan governments can do anything they want, they can can ban guns, as well.

So the issue here is not the legality of gun ownership. The issue is the fact that local voters no longer have any voice in the political process. Legislators can do whatever they want. This problem can’t be fixed easily, because the political system is old and fossilized. Voluntary changes are impossible.

RLA Bruce
RLA Bruce
4 years ago

“These [Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions have no legal force . . .”

Wrong. It is the anti-gun laws, being contrary to the Second Amendment, that have no legal force, and should be ignored as if the law never existed. It’s called “nullification” and is what our Founders told us to do if our government passes any law in contradiction with our supreme law of the land: the US Constitution.

4 years ago

The Dems in Virginia are making laws that are a …CALL TO ARMS…for ALL freedom and liberty loving Americans………NO compromise and NO Quarter….GOD will sort them out….imo….Semper Fi

Mark Desade
Mark Desade
4 years ago

The only answer is to buy more weapons. I suggest a .308 or .30-06 with scopes. You can hit a target from a half mile away or more if you’re accurate. I know the National Guard there won’t enforce anything and there’s only less than 2,000 there against more than 1 million weapons owners. I have a feeling there will be a rebellion and the governor and attorney general will have to go into hiding.

4 years ago

We need to fight back!! We also need to get together on January 20 and go to Richmond and show that we will NOT be Bullied and not pushed be around if we don’t do something ! everything we love about the 2nd amendment will be A memory so tell everyone you know to do the best they can to get up to Richmond !!

4 years ago
Reply to  Thomas

GO ARMED…or you are just a spectator….imo