Vote For Biden! First Thing He Will Do Is Raise Taxes


The first thing floppy Joe Biden will do as President will be to rescind the Trump tax cuts, which will result in a tax increase on everyone who pays federal taxes. The 47% who don’t pay federal taxes will cheer, but everyone else will not.

Biden made the comment in Washington, D.C. during the Poor People’s Campaign, a Presidential Forum at Trinity Washington University.

The forum has low-income Americans questioning ten Democratic presidential candidates.

The tax increases would add funds for additional welfare programs which is of great interest to this audience.

Asked what he would do about the “lie of scarcity,” Biden told them what they wanted to hear.

“Number one, we have the greatest income inequity in the history of the United States of America since 1902, and the fact of the matter is, there is plenty, plenty of money to go around,” Biden replied. “The first thing I would do as president is eliminate the president’s tax cut.”

Biden goes under the assumption that no matter how much he taxes or spends, there will be an unlimited supply of money. He supports socialist wealth redistribution.

As for income inequality, there is new evidence that the allegedly soaring inequality is rising far slower than claimed.

Democrats manufacture crises and then claim everyone else is manufacturing crises.

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