Vox Says Don’t Criticize Black Friday Shoppers You Racist Sexists!


Far-left Vox says to stop criticizing Black Friday shoppers. It’s just wrong. They write: In an age when the privileged have adopted minimalism, these holiday shoppers have been called out for embracing American excess. Critics have also questioned their morals, with the idea of gaining ground that they value “stuff” more than family bonding on Thanksgiving.

Since research has found that low-income people, minorities, and mothers are more likely to take part in Black Friday sales than other groups, they bear the brunt of this criticism, a combination of classism, racism, and sexism.

If you criticize them, your criticisms reflect on all low-income, minorities, and mothers apparently.

The thing that should dispel their notion is the fact that these ruffians are of all ages, races, genders, and social castes.

Why does everything with the left have to be complicated? It’s really not. People shouldn’t be shooting, beating, grabbing, pushing, shoving people to get so-called sales. If you really pay attention, you’ll notice stores have some dated items on sale but it’s really not a great sale day.


A study by Reviews.org concluded that you have the highest risk of violence while shopping on Black Friday in Arkansas, followed by Tennessee. A person was shot in Memphis. Alabama was no bargain either. Two were injured in an Alabama mall and the gunman is dead.

The states with the highest risk of Black Friday violence are Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama.

That’s in line with what happened Thursday, as shootings were reported in Hoover, Alabama, and Memphis, Tennessee.

If we agree with Vox, we won’t say a word against these people, even if they do look savage.


Even Victoria’s Secret became a bizarre scene. A sales girl had to jump atop a counter to save herself.

How about these two idiots.

Do these people look okay to you?

Beating up people for things is just wrong and immoral, sorry Vox. Stop making excuses for people. Poor, rich, black, white, no difference.


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