VP Harris Applauds Australia Where Guns Were Confiscated


During a Thursday speech, Vice President Harris applauded Australia for banning most gun ownership. Australia confiscated guns.

She said, “This time …a bowling alley and a restaurant have been turned into scenes of horrific carnage. Doug and I mourn for those who were killed. We pray for those who are injured and grieve with so many whose lives are forever changed and impacted by what happened.

“The Biden-Harris administration will continue to provide full support to local authorities, and as we gather details, we must continue to speak truth about the moment we are in, in our country today.

“The leading cause of death of American children is gun violence. Gun violence has terrorized and traumatized so many of our communities in this country, and let us be clear it does not have to be this way as our friends in Australia have demonstrated that…”

She left out that firearm deaths are from gang violence and suicides.

What Harris doesn’t care about is the gang violence in our major cities, which are Democrat-run. For instance, in Chicago, for October so far, 39 people have been shot and killed, and another 192 were wounded. In the year to date in Chicago, 478 were shot and killed, and 2,124 were shot and wounded. Almost all of it is gang violence, and it’s gotten worse with the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats.

Democrats are tyrants who want us disarmed.


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