Obama Wants Our Guns So We Can Be Like Australia or Is It Venezuela?


Barack Obama, whose staff has helped guide Biden’s destructive policies, wants our guns so we can be like Australia. We are not Australia, but what is most interesting about this is the country is becoming more and more dangerous with our open borders and out-of-control crime. Our economy is in dire straits with bank collapses, a shrinking energy sector, and soaring inflation. We’re becoming more like Venezuela than Australia.

Now, why do you suppose he wants us unarmed? He says it in such a pleasant, unassuming way too, but don’t be fooled.

Our top law enforcement agency is thoroughly corrupt, as we know from the recently released Durham Report. [Read the report here] And they want our guns. Why is that?

Citizen Free Press says Obama wants us to be like Australia.

Dying at the Border

People are dying at our border, and what do we hear from Obama – nothing! He doesn’t care about our safety or the safety of the people pouring in through our southern border. Why should anyone listen to him? Because he’s charming and half-black?

Remembering the White Supremacist Leftist

The anniversary of the Buffalo massacre was a big deal in New York. Ten, mostly black victims and a white supremacist killer, fit the narrative. What they don’t tell you is that the white supremacist was a progressive. The Buffalo killer was a self-described “authoritarian, left-wing” eco-fascist and “former communist.”

The killer was “anti-Fox, anti-capitalist, and anti-conservative,” in his own words. He also said he’s a “hybrid Nazi and green nationalist.” The leftist media used the murderous youth to demonize Tucker Carlson and conservatives without justification.

Why do you think we don’t have transgender Audrey Hale’s manifesto?

There was another mass shooting in Farmington yesterday. The killer targeted a church. The attack is described as the 225th mass shooting. They don’t tell you that most mass shootings are gang-related. The ones that aren’t are by the mentally ill. Some may have been avoided if families were more involved. We don’t know any more about Farmington yet but will let you know when we do. So far, he was a nut shooting indiscriminately in the neighborhood with a rifle.

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