UN expects $600 million from the US and others for the Taliban


The BidenBama administration appears anxious to provide aid to the Taliban and many believe it is part of the deal he made with these terrorists. It would be hard to give it directly so along comes one of Biden’s collusion partners asking for $600 million for terrorists who already got $83 billion in US weaponry, vehicles, and planes. According to Lara Logan, they are also getting secrets and equipment the US left in Uzbekistan.

Humanitarian relief is a pathetic ploy. They’re terrorists and they will use it for terrorism.

Nothing suspicious here — not at all.



  1. America should stop ALL financial aid to ALL countries. If a Country need military aid then send actual weapons. Aid to poor in most countries is just taken by the Corrupt Governments and ends up hurting the poor even more. The United Nations needs to be defunded!

    • Agree 100%…The CORRUPT U.N. is Obama’s Middle Man, who distributes America’s TAX Dollars for HIS Muslims, including nations who HATE AMERICA. Enough of these “Give A Ways, that America gets NOTHING FOR IN RETURN. Obama also wants to “Have the Corrupt UN be our National Police as HE stated in his ‘2015 speech before the u.n.-


      This is Obama/Soros’ Agenda, as they Hate our American Police, and have tried for Years to Defund and get Rid of them…with the Agenda for a U.N. “Gestapo Force for American Streets as we are like their Slaves”…..

      Obama is behind Much of what is Happening today with “Dementia Addled Biden, as he’s come out from ‘behind the curtains-even has His former aides, like Susan Rice “Shadowing Biden to KEEP HIM ON SCRIPT”
      as Obama sees this as “HIS THIRD TERM”…..he and Soros are the ones who orchestrated Much of the 2020 STEAL”….

  2. Comrade kommissar Bezos (Uniparty) can hook them up with a printing press for a nice price.
    Hey UN, go fund yourself.
    Track down ol’ Ashraf Ghani and his helicopter full of cash, oh…he doesn’t want to share?
    We’re all in this together, comrade, everybody is supposed to help.
    Forward! Yes we can.

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