Walgreens to close 17 stores in San Fran over the shoplifting crime wave


Who could have called this one? Allowing people to shoplift up to $900 worth of stuff has led to a crime wave. It’s so bad, that Walgreens has to shutter 17 stores within the next five years. It will leave a lot of people without access to a nearby pharmacy.

In San Francisco, you can buy, sell, use drugs, defecate, and shoplift with zero fear of consequences.

Thanks to widespread and persistent shoplifting, 17 Walgreens Pharmacy locations will close in San Francisco during the past five years.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, shoplifting did decrease during the coronavirus pandemic, but police also told the news outlet that “incidents are often underreported and have become more violent and brazen.”

San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safaí told the San Francisco Chronicle that the situation is “out of control,” adding: “People are scared to go into these stores — seniors, people with disabilities, children. It’s just happening brazenly.”



  1. This is how you cause Liberals to understand reality. When Liberals have to wait in line for everything and pay 4 times as much as the rest of the country for everything, they will put Republicans back in charge.

  2. Aren’t they too big to fail?
    Undocumented reparations are needed as part of the glorious people’s collective unity.
    Walgreens comrades need some stimmy check love too.
    Locally there are at least a dozen chain pharmas on every major highway with several US highways and several local or city streets.
    Stealing even $9 isn’t recommended and some that have been 24-7 since the 1980’s are now closing up before 2300hrs (eleven).
    Raiding the opiates with a weapon was a thing for a while but it went out with the stealing copper from air conditioner units craze under Hussein the Immaculate and now all stores have time release safes for the narcotics.

  3. I wonder where the Marxists and anarchists, along with Princess Pelosi and Di Fi will get their drugs?

  4. The VOTERs of San Francisco, legal or illegal, voted their District Attorney into office KNOWING FULL WELL support of anarchy and lack of respect for the rule of law. Therefore the VOTERS have to deal with what they wanted in that office. I worked and lived in that once wonderful and beautiful city for over 25 years and now I will not recommend places for friends to visit…let alone even visit that city and risk their lives and health.
    I miss Scoma’s, the Sun Hung Hung and Nam Yuen, Pompeii’s Grotto, WashBAG, any of the Yet Wahs, Alejandro’s and brunch at the Sheraton-Palace…but until that city is cleaned up, physically and politically, I won’t take a chance.
    Oh wait….isn’t that Ms. Pelosi’s district????

    • In fairness, Boudin would not have been elected but for the weird ranked choice voting SF has. He sort of snuck in. Of course, most of the voters in SF (and CA, and USA) are fools, but there is a mounting recall campaign against Boudin as I write. So we shall see.

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