Wallace wants Trump supporters to ‘stay calm’ as Joe’s peeps burn down the Republic


“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government,” Jefferson said, “I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

As we have documented on this website, the violence and looting is coming from the leftists, but last night Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump to tell his supporters to ‘stay calm” and “not to engage in any civil unrest.”

It is clear that Wallace is drawing equivalence here when in fact it’s almost all coming from the left. Trump wanted to know who he was talking about and Wallace mentioned the Proud  Boys. They appear to be a militia who won’t start anything, but they will protest and engage if attacked. Trump said they stand back and stand by.


Biden never had to call out his supporters — antifa and BLM. In fact, he said antifa is just an idea not an organization.

This is known as gaslighting.

Antifa is an idea????

Why not ask the President to disavow heart attacks? The US media is fiddling while the Republic burns under the Democrats and their supporters — mostly antifa and BLM.

The corporations controlling the media are perfectly content to let the USA burn down. It’s not a problem.

The Proud Boys are nothing like antifa and BLM. The equivalence is false.

Where was Wallace when Biden refused to use the words law and order? Why didn’t Joe disavow the real rioters and looters? I think we know.

Biden’s supporters are the violent lunatics:


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Jim D McMullin
Jim D McMullin
3 years ago

I watched the entire debate and I think I will start a Proud Boys chapter here in my home town.
That being said Trump won that debate hands down, the liberals are now in damage control mode trying to keep joe biden from dropping to harris lows.

Donald Mullikin
Donald Mullikin
3 years ago

I personally detest how Chris Wallace worded the question he asked President Trump.

“Will you tell the Militia and White Supremacists to stand down” Whoa.. since when was the National Guard our Official Militia equated to White Supremacists?

I personally feel that there was no correct answer to that question, I watched as Wallace and Biden both harassed him to answer as he was trying to respond.

What is worse, if you were to open a new browser window and type in antifa . com (no spaces) then go there, see where you land and tell me that Joe Biden isn’t claiming that antifa doesn’t exist because ANTIFA has Joe Biden in their back pocket.