Want a Laugh? Kamala Harris Lists All Her Accomplishments


The awful and weird VP, Kamala Harris, unfit for her position, was asked to list her accomplishments. We know she made a mockery of the border, getting children interested in space (she hired child actors), and she started a feud with Joe Biden by leaking hit pieces to CNN and the New York Times.

As President of the Senate, she is just a vote.

By all accounts, her staff doesn’t like her and they have resumes out so they can flee.

“You said you feel the responsibility because you are the first and you carry that with you,” Margaret Brennan of CBS said. “What does that mean for what you actually see as your biggest accomplishment?”

“Well, that is a great question,” Harris replied. “Umm, I will tell you one thing. When I go to an event, whatever it is and some dad or mom brings their kids, daughters, or sons and says that’s your vice president and challenges their kids to think about who does what as a way I think of empowering the kids to know that they can do anything they want and not be confined by who has traditionally done what. I think that is one of the things that gives me joy is to know that that might be a possible impact.”


So, she exists, and that’s enough? She’s inspiring kids by her being? Oh, good grief.


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