Biden Calls to End the Filibuster Once Again


Joe Biden called for an exception to the legislative filibuster in the Senate to pass voting rights legislation over Republican opposition during an ABC News interview.

This “exception” would remove the senate requirement of 60 plus votes to end debate, allowing instead a simple majority of 51.


During his one-on-one interview on Wednesday with ABC’s David Muir, Biden said that he was in favor of “whatever it takes” to force his radical agenda through the US legislature. Terminating the filibuster is fine with him. He also said he would do exactly that without hesitation if given the chance.

Biden and his comrades in the White House and in Congress act like dictators. Biden and the cabal have the slimmest of margins but, nevertheless, he wants to dictate.

Biden made the comments when Muir asked him about the Democrat’s proposed changes to federal election procedures included in H.R.1, which includes a sweeping overhaul on voting rights that would enable countless illegal aliens to cast votes and allow for even more extensive fraud than there was in 2020.

“That means whatever it takes. Change the Senate rules to accommodate major pieces of legislation without requiring 60 votes,” Biden said.

“The only thing standing between getting voting rights legislation passed and not getting passed is the filibuster, I support making an exception on voting rights of the filibuster,” Biden said.

Biden made almost the same comments during a CNN town hall in October when he opened the door to “fundamentally” altering or eliminating the filibuster to advance voting rights legislation.

So far, Majority Leader Schumer does not have all 50 Democratic Senators on board,  which would be required to change the Senate rules.  Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) have said they would not support eliminating or watering down the filibuster.


HR1/S1 abolishes voter ID laws among other fraudulent policies. Mail-in voting without voter ID guarantees the stuffing of ballot boxes.

You can read the quick list on this link. Better yet, read the bill yourself. It destroys the United States of America.

The other Democrat act, The John Lewis Voting Act turns over the vote to judges. It turns most of your states’ voting rights over to a three-judge panel in DC or to the Department of Justice.

We fought a Revolution for a lot less.

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