WaPo & CNN say Trump’s ad about Biden was ‘doctored’ & then there’s the ‘junkie’


According to the Washington Post and CNN, the Trump campaign’s recent ad of Joe Biden was unacceptable because it contained “doctored” images.

The ad about Biden on Wednesday was called, “Alone. Hiding. Diminished.”

  • The ad includes an altered image of Biden praying at church, The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel confirms.
  • The ad also includes an image of Biden speaking at an event, edited to remove a microphone, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski reports. [so what?]
  • Finally, the ad includes an image of Biden watching at an event edited to appear like he is alone, according to CNN’s Sarah Mucha.

Doctored? They were obviously meant to make a point with sarcasm. The ‘doctored’ image meant to show him as old and defeated — praying in church — is accurate in its message.

Watch the ad:

All the campaign has to do is play Joe Biden’s actual videos. How about this one below with Joe asking this black man, a journalist, if he’s a junkie.

Biden sounded mentally not well.

The President knew the difference between an elephant and a lion but Joe suggested he didn’t.

He couldn’t seem to say the word, “fitness,” or whatever he was trying to say. Another tactic the former vice president uses is — it seems — that whenever he forgets what he is going to say, he says, “it’s probably something I shouldn’t say,” and then he drops it.

Biden also told the reporter he was trying “to goad him” when the reporter asked him a perfectly reasonable question.


President Trump could have just posted this:

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