Presidential election, down-ballot races will all be part of an experiment


Ari Fleischer, George Bush’s former press secretary, put out an important statement about mail-in voting that all blue states are moving to in a series of tweets. A presidential election with all the down-ballot races that entails is no time for experiments:

CA, DC, VT and NV will for the first time mail actual ballots to all voters. It took WA years to do this right. These 4 states are rushing to get it done. It is fraught with risk, especially if an election is close and ballot harvesting is allowed.

No state previously mailed absentee ballot applications to all voters in a general election. This year, DE, IL, MD, MA, MI, WI, IA, and OH will try it. It’s what NY tried in the June primary, overwhelming an unprepared system. These 8 states should NOT do this.

In-person primary elections took place yesterday in KS and MI. In-person can be done safely &successfully. Historically, ballots are rejected 3 times as often in the mail compared to in-person. If mail voting surges and states aren’t ready, it will lead to bitter acrimony in Nov.

The lesson: These 12 states should not try to accomplish something in 2020 that they can’t successfully do. Reporters should dig deeply into these 12 states to see if they can pull this off. Before it’s too late.


New York is still waiting for primary results after seven weeks. That is because of all the mail-in votes. They are even counting ballots that come in at any time or have no postmark. It’s a complete mess. Other examples are available, but clearly, Democrats know it will be a mess. They have spoken against mail-in voting in the past.

One can only assume they want the election to end in complete chaos to manipulate the results. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama won’t let the traditional American, Donald Trump win.

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3 years ago

How are individual states allowed to devise their own independent systems for a NATIONAL election? In devising this fraudulent method of mail-in voting with no checks or balances, they are disenfranchising legitimate voters in other states.

3 years ago

Keep in mind a contested election going beyond January 20 will result in ACTING PRESIDENT PELOSI. Insurance policy and win win for Marxist Dims while they find enough ballots to put Joe Dementia in the WH.