WaPo Minion Says Trump Doesn’t See Puerto Ricans as “Human Beings”


Trump-hating fake Republican Jennifer Rubin said on Saturday’s MSNBC broadcast of “AM Joy” that President Trump killed people in Puerto Rico twice after Hurricane Maria. First, he did it through “neglect”, and then he did it by “disgracing that they died at all.”

“That’s what all these Holocaust denials are about,” she said. She also claimed he’s a racist who doesn’t see Puerto Ricans who suffered after Hurricane Maria as “human beings.”

What a nasty hyperbolic woman. She sounds unhinged. Rubin is one of the many who are trying to find Trump’s Katrina.

It’s all untrue. Tremendous resources were put into Puerto Rico and that help continues, but as Geraldo Rivera said, 70 percent of the infrastructure was destroyed before the hurricane.  They can thank their corrupt government officials for that.

Rubin, a Washington Post columnist, said Hurricane Florence is only going well “because those are Trump voters, just like they were in Texas. If they’re not voters, and they’re not white, he doesn’t give a darn.”

That’s an unwarranted terrible thing to say without evidence. Her references to disgracing those who died are also unfair. The so-called studies are surveys that did not even count actual people. Other things are wrong with the surveys also. There are a number of surveys and they’re all over the place when it comes to determining the numbers who died. There is plenty of reason to believe the research is politically-driven and exaggerated. If they aren’t, the problem is their government.

The WaPo minion said, “Donald Trump has killed those people twice, once through neglect and oversight, and secondly, disgracing that they died at all. And that’s what death denial, that’s what Holocaust denial, that’s what all these denial syndromes are all about, is killing the person twice.”

She even put words in the mouth of Paul Ryan.

“Listen, even Paul Ryan, even Paul Ryan would admit” this, but what we have here is a perfect example of the different ways in which the Republicans couch and add caveats and protect Donald Trump. Paul Ryan, the first thing he said was, no one’s responsible and it’s ‘no one’s fault.’ But we don’t know it’s no one’s fault.

She wants more hearings. If Democrats win in November, they will only hold hearings and file lawsuits. They will refuse to run the government. They are the party of ‘no’.

Rubin then made her outrageous accusation about Trump allegedly being so racist, he doesn’t see Puerto Ricans, people of color, as “human beings.”

“We would like to have some oversight hearings, as Karine said. And the reason they’re doing such a bang-up job, Katon, in North Carolina and South Carolina is because those are Trump voters, just like they were in Texas. If they’re not voters, and they’re not white, he doesn’t give a darn. And that’s what this is also about, these people are not recognizable as Americans, as human beings in his eyes.”


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