WaPo Plans to Cancel Fossil Fuel Author – Help Him Kill the Effort


The Washington Post was planning a hit piece on Alex Epstein, the author of the upcoming book Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas–Not Less. Epstein’s publicist warned him that it was coming. That’s when he decided he wasn’t going to sit around waiting for them to destroy him.

The Post wouldn’t engage the author on his book but managed to dig up comments he made as a teen and called them racist. They weren’t, but the cancel culture of WaPo doesn’t care.

Epstein wrote on substack:

“Instead of doing the conventional thing, which is to wait for a hit-piece to drop and then react with “damage control,” I am doing the just thing and publicly, preemptively attacking The Post for this despicable act of journalist malpractice.

“This morning I published a Twitter video thread exposing the Post’s “cancel” campaign, based on this one-hour YouTube video. It has gone viral, with half a million reads and growing.

The hit piece was supposed to come out a few days ago but hasn’t yet. That’s probably because the author didn’t hide. He took an aggressive stance and asked for support from Twitter, substack, and others after he explained his comments as a teen.

The Request:

Thanks to everyone who is writing The Washington Post or Tweeting at them (@washingtonpost). Please keep doing this.

Here’s a simple thing you can write:

I just learned of Post climate journalist Maxine Joselow’s despicable plan to try to “cancel” Alex Epstein and his book Fossil Future by falsely portraying Alex as racist.

The Post should absolutely not run this hit piece, and owes Alex an apology.

FYI the head of the post is Sally Buzbee (sally.buzbee@washpost.com or @SallyBuzbee). She is the best person to write to about this.

By the way, the book is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

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