Bill Barr Shut Down Probes, USPS Won’t Release Report of Missing Ballots


The Amistad Project investigated the many irregularities in the November 2020 election. Among their evidence was a truck driver named Jesse Morgan who said he drove up to 280,000 ballots for the election from Bethpage, New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Bill Barr refused to investigate this and other irregularities and now the USPS refuses to release the report from their investigation. Why?


The bus driver comes forward

“This evidence demonstrates, and it is through eyewitness testimony that has been corroborated by others through their eyewitness statements, that 130,000 to 280,000 completed ballots for the 2020 general election were shipped from Bethpage, New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where those ballots and the trailer in which they were shipped disappeared,” Amistad reported in December 2020.

The spokesperson continued, “Also, the evidence we have obtained indicates that on several occasions, completed ballots were shipped from a postal facility in Bethpage, New York, a postal facility that has no processing role in the United States Postal Service, a postal service that has no ability to receive incoming mail because it does not have machines to process that mail.”

Truck driver, Jesse Morgan, gave interviews and put himself in jeopardy with his testimony. However, Morgan didn’t really know how many ballots were in the trailer that he drove and later went missing. He said there could be 250-7500.

So why can’t we see the USPS report? Is there something to this?

This is a postal service that has no right to have ballots. The ballots were mail-in ballots that came from Zuckerboxes.

Bill Barr refuses to allow the investigation to go on

Bill Barr said he found nothing, and it needs to go to a civil court.

US Attorney General Bill Barr ordered the US Attorney in Eastern Pennsylvania to stop investigating 2020 Election issues in the state and turn any issues over to the Democrat Pennsylvania Attorney General. That includes these ballots.

As Attorney General, Bill Barr didn’t just ignore voter fraud in the 2020 election: he actively worked to suppress any investigations into voter fraud. Tony Shaffer was on a podcast and said Barr called him PERSONALLY to stop investigating voter fraud.


Barr not only wouldn’t investigate the allegations, he actively worked to help Joe Biden get his fiats in place.

Attorney Tom King investigates

Attorney Tom King was involved in this case and the Zuckerboxes in 2020.

He hasn’t given up yet.


Pennsylvania Attorney Tom King stated that the US Postal Service doesn’t want to release the report from its investigation of the semi-trailed full of ballots that went missing before the 2020 Election in the state.

The PA Supreme Court has to rule on election cases involving dominion machines used in Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

Tom King spoke about the current status of this matter.

“I was involved in that case, and we worked directly with the US Attorney Bill McSwain, who is now a candidate for governor… We got the truck driver over to the FBI offices in DC, and to date, we have met nothing but resistance from the postal authorities to release the report done by the postal police and the FBI. We’re close to getting it, but that’s still unresolved as I speak to you today…

… We provided Jesse with legal counsel for the interview with the FBI… We not only cooperated fully, but I spoke on numerous occasions with Bill McSwain, the state’s attorney appointed by President Trump for the Eastern a portion of Pennsylvania.’’

King added ‘’Here we sit in April of 2022, and we still don’t have the report. We’re pursuing it, and we’re going to get it eventually.’’

King then continued and reported on lawsuits involving Fulton County and the state of PA. One case where the county issuing the state is still with the Supreme Court.

The interview with Mr. King comes via The True Defender and host Joe Hoft.


On December 3, Fox News anchor Eric Shawn, a Democrat, challenged Morgan’s alleged voter fraud on a news segment hosted by Martha MacCallum. “The claim that completed ballots,” Shawn told MacCaullum, “were driven from Long Island, to Pennsylvania, and disappeared sometime in October, election officials tell me that just cannot happen.”

Shawn continued by explaining that “every ballot, they say, is matched to a voter and then they double check it and they confirm. They say you just can’t simply get hundreds of thousands of fake ballots or signed ballots somehow into the system.”

Personally, I would still like to see the report. Why can’t we?

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Barr is the greatest betrayer in US history. His “I did nothing wrong, buy my book” tour will fail. Appearing on leftist networks to blame Trump makes him no different than Kinzinger or Cheney.

There was a 2nd trucker who gave evidence of transporting ballots.

Barr’s actions were much more than doing nothing, as our author points out. He was actively involved in fighting investigations. We already have a few sources saying he called them to tell them to stop investigating. Barr took an oath he violated numerous times. To see major crimes and to not investigate/prosecute is criminal obstruction of justice.

In the case of Shaffer, Barr rushed to call him and yell at him. He is complicit, he was required for the coup.

1 year ago

Nothing to see here move along, freest and fairest ever.
Now with fortified democracy, chock full of fiber to help you with…Slidin’ a Biden.
Put up your COV-LARP decorations and get out your blue and yellow votive candles for the 51st state Ukraine.
Don’t be a shirker, comrade.

1 year ago

Every day more evidence pours in to prove there is no rule of law in the USA. The greatest error made by Trump ws to push Steve Bannon out of he White House. None of the POS who crashed his Presidency would have been allowed to deceive Trump time and time again if Bannon was in charge of vetting all appointments, and that includes Kavanagh.

1 year ago

This was an interstate crime so the DoJ and FBI has an obligation to investigate until there is a clear resolution. One thing I worry about in the 2022 Election is “duplicate” ballots and ballot stuffing. If you go to serialized numbered ballots then all ballots would have to accounted for. To Steal an Election the Numbered Ballots would need to be duplicated, so by printing duplicates the real ballots can be replaced with Duplicates. This is why ALL Ballots in the 2022 Election MUST BE SCANNED and placed online upon being cast with the person casting the ballot getting the Ballot ID number and a copy of their ballot upon casting the Ballot. That way there is a positive audit trail in the hands of every citizen casting a ballot. There is no doubt in my mind the UniParty is going to try and steal the 2022 Elections because all those corrupt Congressmen want to stay in power instead of going to Jail.

We need to go back to “Election Day” and to vote you show up on Election Day (A National Holiday) with your ID and Voter Registration Card which you had to get at least 30 days before the election in person, and your voter registration card is only good for 4 years. After 4 years you automatically are purged from voter rolls. ALL Absentee Voting must be required to be notarized within 7 days prior to an election and received no later than 7 days after an election to be valid. If you are too stupid to be able to follow those simple rules, then you are too stupid to vote. Voting absentee should be as rare as hen’s teeth.

We need minimum voting standards, Serialized tamper proof Ballots, Voter ID, Pre-Voting Day Registration, 4 year limit on Voter Registration, In Person Voting with Hard copy signatures at the Poll, Hard Copy of your Ballot, and immediate Online Posting of ballots for Federal Elections. This needs to be enshrined in a Constitutional Amendment so it becomes far harder to steal Elections in America. This is the minimum for fair elections in today’s world. With this, the Election results would be known 10 minutes after the polls close since the tallying will be done in real time and supported by copies on line and hard copies for recounts. With online copies, every voter could verify that their vote was counted and the voter can verify it was true and accurate. The numbers of voters would need to match the numbers of ballots. Voting for someone else would be much, much harder with in person voting, voter ID and Voter registration cards.

Anywhere there is Online or mail in voting there is voter Fraud. It’s just too easy to do!

Ever More Boldly
Ever More Boldly
1 year ago

O/T-Mass shooting (Deep State Productions?) with 6 KIA 10 wounded in Sacramento stamped 20 minutes ago but it says page cannot be displayed when open in a new tab is clicked.
The Fundamental Transformation into South Africa can’t be cemented until the guns are grabbed.