WaPo’s Investigating Manchin, Possibly a Threat to Get BBB Passed


Senator Joe Manchin usually makes a big splash to pretend he is supporting his red state and then reluctantly gives in. That might be the process he’s following now when it comes to the socialist/communist inflationary bill.

While saying he is skeptical of the BBB bill, the Times reports he did not rule out the possibility of supporting the measure this month. He said that “anything is possible here” when asked about a vote before Christmas, and that he was still “engaged” in conversations with the White House.

“People have been in a hurry for a long time to do something, but I think, basically, we’re seeing things unfold that allows us to prepare better,” Mr. Manchin told reporters outside his Capitol Hill office on Monday, before the conversation with Mr. Biden. “And that’s what we should do.”

The BBB bill is somewhere between $1.75T to over $3T. Thanks to accounting tricks, we don’t really know. The problem with the bill is it makes the US a permanent socialist/communist welfare state.

COINCIDENTALLY, The Washington Post, another far-left rag like the Times, has decided to look into Manchin’s finances and his coal interests.

That is ridiculous since the entire state he was elected to represent is a COAL STATE.

WaPo is suggesting his reluctance on BBB is driven by his investments and it is a conflict of interest.

His investments are in a blind trust.

His spokesperson emailed a statement that said in full: “Senator Manchin is in full compliance with Senate ethics and financial disclosure rules. He continues to work to find a path forward on important climate legislation that maintains American leadership in energy innovation and critical energy reliability, as exemplified by the many provisions to address climate change in the Energy Act of 2020 and the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.”

WaPo made sure to say it’s legal for him to make millions. At the same time, WaPo never worried about Nancy Pelosi and others making a fortune through insider trading.

This makes us very suspect of WaPo’s intentions. It looks like they are threatening Manchin on behalf of the Democrat Party they clearly represent 24/7.

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