WaPo’s McArdle Makes Excuses for Grenade-Carrying Reporter


Our illustrious media appears to be using Hamas photojournalists for their stories about the genocidal massacre of 1400 Israelis on October 7.

Honest Reporting exposed the AP, CNN, NY Times, and Reuters journalists who covered the October 7 massacre from start to finish. Even if the legacy media didn’t know what was going on, they bought the photos and information from journalists who appear to be terrorists. One even carried a grenade while riding on a motorcycle with a Hamas terrorist.

These outlets used Gaza freelancers to cover the story. They wanted the scoop, but how much did they know and when did they know it and why did they buy from terrorists?

This reminds me of the Jade Sacker (CNN reporter)-John Sullivan (Antifa and BLM member) duo who helped encourage people to run into the Capitol on January 6. Several outlets bought the photos, but the CNN reporter Jade Sacker was on the scene, taking part in the event.

Now we find out that Washington Post reporter Megan McArdle defended the so-called journalists, although she claimed she wasn’t defending them.

Megan McArdle went so far as to suggest in her defense of the Hamas-kissed photojournalist that she too might have held a grenade for terrorists if they’d been giving her a ride.

All of the outlets said they had no prior knowledge of the attack.

The grenade-carrying “reporter” – he looks innocent:

More innocent reporters:

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