Warning…Congo migrant was coughing up blood on a Pittsburgh bus


Ebola virus particles (red) on a larger cell. Credit: NIAID

There are outbreaks of Ebola in the Congo and Guinea. We also know that 60% of one group of 25,000 illegal aliens at the US border came from Africa. Travelers who come in from those areas are screened for the disease, but not if they are illegal aliens. They aren’t even screened for COVID.

Travelers coming to the United States from the Congo or Guinea, which have ongoing Ebola outreaks, are routed to six airports including Newark Liberty and JFKJ starting Thursday and will be required to provide contact information to airlines within 21 days before they arrive under a Centers for Disease Control order.

But the puppet in the presidency and his handlers don’t seem to think it matters. If you think COV is a problem, think of what ebola would be like. It is far worse. That brings me to this next report.

We can’t confirm the report but do be forewarned.

Allegedly, the report comes from a source involved with the police department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

On Monday, March 8, 2021 police were called to meet a City Transit bus for a sick man.   They arrived on the scene to find a Congo African migrant vomiting blood.  The migrant revealed he had just arrived from the Congo.

At present, there is an outbreak of EBOLA VIRUS in areas of the Congo.

The man was reportedly transported by ambulance to a local hospital in Pittsburgh.  No info on which hospital.

Later in the day, cops report they were ORDERED not to talk to the media or even to their wives about what happened today.

There was an Ebola scare in Pittsburgh in 2014. Nothing came of it, but having 178,000 flood the border from January to March 1 alone without medical screenings is chancing fate.

When will Americans rebel? this isn’t partisan. Whether this person has Ebola or not, the threat looms large when 100,000 a month come through without any medical checks.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

He should be sent to Joe basement.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Shep

Who is Joe basement.

Biff Slankovic
Biff Slankovic
2 years ago

Local chapter of CCP enemedia just said “as we come to the end of the Plandemic” could it be a Freudian slip?
They wanted the whole Clown World Order enchilada but only got rid of the bad orange tweeter.
So sad, sad trombone is always so sad.
Maybe ebola could be the new tool used for the fundamental transformation?
BTW-Regarding Saint George of Minneapolistan, where does the fentanyl come from?
Hecho en China.