Warning! NY Times Promotes a Toxic High School AP Course in ‘African Studies’


The College Board has decided to divide us according to racism with a new pilot program dealing with the history of race in the United States. It will become an Advanced Placement Course in about 60 high schools this fall.

Why don’t they have advanced Dutch studies or Irish studies? We know why. They constantly dredge up the past in extreme ways to keep the pot boiling. The Left are pot stirrers, making Black people into victims and Whites into oppressors.

Communism Memorial in Budapest, Wikimedia Commons
Every Area of Education Addressed In One Course

According to The NY Times – the far-left authors of 1619 Project – The course is multidisciplinary, addressing not just history but civil rights, politics, literature, the arts, even geography. If the pilot program pans out, it will be the first course in African American studies for high school students that is considered rigorous enough to allow students to receive credit and advanced placement at many colleges across the country.

It sounds like more dreary leftist politics, especially since the Left is pushing hard Left ideology in every area of our lives. They include the far-left ideological intersectionality creed in the course. It sounds like indoctrination.

Race is unimportant in a united country. We are being divided with the help of the great unifier, Joe Biden.

According to the article, the course is also meant to give more credibility to African studies.

Students who take the pilot exam will not get college credit at this point.

Distorting Objections

The New York Times, sticking to its far-left dishonesty said they don’t know if it’s the right time since Republicans are trying “to restrict teaching of race, gender and history,” having passed 54 bills across 22 states.

“Many Republican politicians have made a piñata out of “critical race theory,” an academic theory that examines how racism is embedded in institutions but has become a vaguely defined buzzword among parents and political activists who say that students are being dictated to by teachers who do not share their values,” they said further.

The Times is sticking with the systemic racism theory they cannot prove to divide us.

With some measure of subtle derisiveness, the Times quoted Republican senators on the issue.

“Americans never decided our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil,” several senators wrote in a letter to the education secretary. In Tennessee, education rules prohibit teaching a long list of “concepts,” including the notion that “an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, is inherently privileged, racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or subconsciously.”

Then the Times gets to the point:

The 1619 Project, developed by The New York Times, sought to reframe the country’s history by putting the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the center of the national narrative. Dr. Gates (the originator) said that rather than being part of the theoretical framework of the course itself, those topics could be part of a unit “teaching different theories of the African American experience.”

There could, for example, “be a course on Marxist approaches to race,” Dr. Gates [Marxist Prof. Henry Louis Gates] said, adding, “and most certainly I would imagine something on critical race theory and maybe something on the 1619 Project.”

He said: “This hypothetical unit would discuss the controversies over different interpretive frameworks used to analyze the history of race in America. I am certainly not advocating employing those theories as interpretive frameworks for the course itself. That’s a big difference.” [Emphasis ours]


As Eric Welch, a Republican board of education member in Williamson County, Tenn., said it depends on the content. “It would bother me as a school board member to have any course material that was agenda-driven,” he said. He added, “We’re trying to educate, not indoctrinate.”

This is CRT and inaccurate history of 1619 in a different form. It is supposed to trick parents who want no part of it. We’ll see I guess, but this is going to be in place by 2024. The hard Left is racing to turn us all into Marxists.

Mark Levin did a good job of showing The NY Times contribution to spreading toxic ideology in this clip.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Interesting thing about these “colleges” is that their websites all falsely declare “nondiscrimination policy” when in fact the majority engage in all sorts of racism big-time. After all, the left democrat party is built upon racism, slavery, division, annihilation, segregation, lies, manipulation, Joe Biden’s “real segregationists” and much more anti-race creeds and demands. Berkely U recently installed an anti-white program while announcing “nondiscrimination” on their website. They also demand that all whites wear masks while deliberately ignoring the white-black race-blended students who Berkeley also practices discrimination against. An example of being half-white is Obama and mutitudes of other race-mixed who Berkeley would insist that HALF of his face be covered. Add also is that the NYTimes has a long history of firing their black journalists and photogs for no other reason than they’re black plus the NYT’s hiding of the filmed and dcoumented fact that the Democrat Party are the creators, developers, and participants of the race-hate group Ku Klux Klan and of which Joe Biden remains an active associate of (also filmed and documented in private archives).

Last edited 1 year ago by Harrison Pendleton
Parker Shannon
Parker Shannon
1 year ago

Marxists divide people and then puts them at each other’s throats. It’s what they do. They have been doing it for more than one hundred years. The issue is irrelevant.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The fact that the African slaves WERE sold by their OWN people seems to have been lost in translation…they were the unwanted – politically and financially…

1 year ago

Slavery has always been an issue with the Democrat Party. Today the Democrats are turning young Hispanic Woman into sex slaves by the thousands. The Traitor Joe Administration with the help of Mexican Cartels have turned the United States in the largest slave trade Nation in the Modern World, and the LAME STREAM MEDIA ignores what is really going on at the Border. Why are their still Proud Card Carrying Democrats in America? Anyone supporting the Traitor Joe regime is simply a scumbag. Blacks need to realize that it was Democrats who kept you in chains until 1865 and then under LBJ in the 1960s put you into Financial Chains. As long as there is a Democrat Party, Blacks in America will be in some kind of bondage.