Warning! Smutty Middle School Book Read at School Board Meeting


A teacher brought a book into a 7th-grade classroom (12-13 years) in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools. The book instructs the reader about boy-on-boy sex in graphic detail. The porn book is also on the ELA suggested reading list.

The Board of Education was extremely rude to the parent and only gave her two minutes to make her statement – to the second.

How do these corrupt board members get so smug when they are wrong? They just ignored the parent’s rights.

I don’t understand this gentleman in the audience putting his fingers in his ears while the mother read a page from the book.

Why don’t schools teach the basics and stay away from those things in the province of the parents?

The Charlotte Observer said a book wouldn’t turn anyone gay. That is hardly the point. The school is one of many that has an alliance with the Gender-Sexuality Alliance. The goal is to strengthen support for LGBTQ students and add to the curriculum around gender identity and expression. In 2018, they included gender and transgenderism under multiculturalism.

These people are allowing smutty books on teachers’ bookshelves. The parent said the teacher is “either a bad teacher or a pedophile…”

after publication, we saw this and thought we’d add it.

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3 months ago

If the book was a movie, it would probably have an X rating and you would have to be an adult to get in. Teachers who peddle this smut to children belong in jail. but if you’re a Liberal it’s OK apparently overlooked in some towns. There are probably Laws on the books against peddling this kind of smut, so what is needed is a no nonsense Sheriff who will arrest School Administrations for letting this smut into schools. Start arresting teachers for Child Endangerment, supplying Pornography to Minors, and assorted sex crimes and they will get the message; even if they are acquitted in court. That’s what a Liberal would do if you read the Bible to students in a Public School.

Last edited 3 months ago by GuvGeek
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

The board members are evil leftists. They are advised by lawyers and superintendents to keep things quiet. They are in on the crimes, so help cover them up. They know they risk charges and lawsuits. Once they join the operation, they are locked into it. We never hear one of them apologize, or claim they were unaware. They make no comments except to shut up the speaker. That indicates legal advice.

John Vieira
3 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

“legal advice”…Cripes they must have a slew of ‘like minded’ ambulance chasers on retainer…