Warren Has a Plan to Take Over Successful Companies


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a serious contender of the presidency, has a plan to destroy successful companies that make over a billion dollars.

Her “Empowering Workers Through Accountable Capitalism,” is a new version of her 2018 “Accountable Capitalism Act.” The accountability was left out of it.

It puts successful companies completely in the hands of special interests and under the control of the big nanny government.

Companies making a billion dollars or more will be forced to pursue the best interests of employees, suppliers, customers, the local community and so on. Whatever that means. It’s not defined.

It’s very vague which leaves the company executives in a risky situation.

The government will mandate the corporation “shall have the purpose of creating a general public benefit.”

It’s a way for the communistic Warren to take over companies and pretend she isn’t doing it.

One of the requirements of her anti-Capitalist bill is companies will be forced to put people on the board of directors who are elected by employees. They will comprise 40% of the board.

It’s a way to give unions power over companies who will then serve them instead of customers.

It’s a recipe for disaster. What she is doing is taking companies that should be free to grow and serve the public and their shareholders (investors) and handing them over to elite groups with agendas.

Warren is a disaster. She is very far left and hates capitalism.

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