Warren promises to violate the Constitution to forgive student loans


Desperate Elizabeth Warren continues to promise free stuff to get those poll numbers up.

Her socialist competition is stiff but she has stepped it up.

Warren now promises to violate the Constitution to get the freebies to her voting blocs.

She will cancel student loan debt unilaterally, without Congress, on her first day in office.

THe Hill reported she will cancel student loan debt for 42 million Americans on the first day of her presidency by bypassing Congress and using an existing authority from the Department of Education.

That’s great. The Department of Ed now supersedes the Constitution. She already told us she would cancel the debt, but in a Medium post, she explained the ‘how’,

“She would use the Higher Education Act, which gives the Department of Education “to modify, compromise, waive, or release student loans.””

Families are being “crushed” so it’s okay to violate the Constitution. She added that “we can’t afford to wait for Congress.”

Why let anything stand in her way? What else will cause her to violate the Constitution?

Certainly bribing millions of Americans to vote for her is worth it?

Congress has to provide the funds no matter what she says or what law she misuses to give out free stuff.

If they try to pay for all of her freebies, our government will collapse.

This is how it will work. Have the government (taxpayers) guarantee student loans, and then have the government lose all the money.

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